thrifty jewelry displays

I'm constantly looking for cute and fun ways to display jewelry, whether it is my own or for Lemon Kissed open houses. I am not a fan of the traditional jewelry box (yawn), it's just too boring for me. I think that jewelry is art, and when it's not on you, I think it should still be out and displayed all pretty.

Displaying your jewelry doesn't have to be a difficult or expensive task. I'm here to give you a few thrifty thrift store finds that I turned in to instant jewelry displays. Ready??


First, wooden shutters are a great find. I found this little gem today for $4. It isn't beat up, but it has a shabby feel to it, which I love, because it's perfectly casual and relaxed - just my style.

Shutters can be used to hang most dangle earrings. You could even pick up a few knobs and affix them to the shutter to hold necklaces and bracelets. I just draped a necklace on the edge and that worked, too.

Shutters can be hung on the wall, to clear up dresser or table space, or to fill a blank wall, or they can be propped up on a surface, making it easy to transport from spot to spot. This is handy for open houses!!

Okay, honestly, when I found these egg cups, I thought that they were candle holders. I guess it doesn't matter that I was wrong (it's rare), because I knew right away that I'd be using them for jewelry display.

These egg cups were $1.99 each. I haven't seen many egg cups that have the saucer-type plate underneath, but then again, I haven't paid much attention to egg cups. I bet if you had an egg cup, it could be adhered to a cute saucer, to get the same effect as the ones pictured here.

I figured there were two ways to use these egg cups: singly or stacked. I haven't decided which I like better, so I won't be busting out the glue any time soon, but I do like that I have the option to stack if I want to.

My sister made me this incredibly clever chalkboard horse that she made with an old Breyer pony. I love putting a necklace or a bracelet on the pony when it's not on my neck or wrist - this way I feel that the pony serves an extra purpose. Are there figures or things on your dresser or armoire that could hold a necklace for you? Just an idea...

Displaying and storing your jewelry doesn't have to be expensive, because that takes away from your jewelry spending budget anyway!

I'd love to hear your ideas or solutions to displaying your jewelry, or on how you re-purpose items around the home.



  1. Such good info. I too like a more creative way to store/display jewelry. I use pretty bowls but these ideas are making me want to switch it up!

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  4. Hi Shauna! I'm looking for shutters to display jewelry... where did you find yours??

  5. Hi!! I found my shutters at Goodwill. Good luck!!

  6. Very Cute. I have seen people take vintage cheese graters for earing holders. You could leave it like it is or paint it up :)


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