spotted: lovely Lemon Kissed customers

First, can I just say that my customers (or as I call them, my lovelies) are just the cutest people in all the land? It's so true. I LOVE getting pictures of people wearing jewelry I've made - and today I got 2 pictures that made me squeal and do fist pumps.

Here's Heidi, wearing our Piper earrings, in aqua. Stunning!! (coming back to the shop soon).

And here's Shana, proudly wearing our Mister Mustache necklace. Time and time again these ladies have proven that girls can wear facial hair and still be adorable. (coming back to the shop soon, too!)

Thanks for sharing your pictures, Heidi and Shana. And thank you for letting Lemon Kissed be a part of your outfits! I feel so incredibly lucky!


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