Fun Looks!

I've recently discovered Gaia Conceptions on Etsy and I am in love! This is true love, you guys. And when I was browsing through all the great items in the shop, something occurred to me. I've been ignoring a huge blog post topic - clothing fashion and accessories! I am now going to occasionally pop in and show you guys a great outfit, and then show what kind of jewelry pieces would look great with it!

You can go find Gaia Conceptions on Etsy, and I recommend that you do! This is their Vinyasa Short Drawstring Skirt, made with local organic tissue cotton. I want it, and I want to wear it every day! This is huge, because I don't wear skirts, but this one... I need it!

And from Lemon Kissed:

1. Megan

2. Radiant Rose Ring

3. Olivia

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