Fun Looks!

I've recently discovered Gaia Conceptions on Etsy and I am in love! This is true love, you guys. And when I was browsing through all the great items in the shop, something occurred to me. I've been ignoring a huge blog post topic - clothing fashion and accessories! I am now going to occasionally pop in and show you guys a great outfit, and then show what kind of jewelry pieces would look great with it!

You can go find Gaia Conceptions on Etsy, and I recommend that you do! This is their Vinyasa Short Drawstring Skirt, made with local organic tissue cotton. I want it, and I want to wear it every day! This is huge, because I don't wear skirts, but this one... I need it!

And from Lemon Kissed:

1. Megan

2. Radiant Rose Ring

3. Olivia


Tucker Reece

Are you guys ready for a honkin' huge dose of CUTE? Today I want to introduce you all to Jenna, the talent behind a sweet and fun Etsy shop called Tucker Reece. Jenna is just the sweetest, and has amazing talent, and I admire her sense of style. I feel so lucky that she agreed to do an interview with me on my little old blog, so sit back and enjoy meeting Jenna and her shop, Tucker Reece.

How did your shop get started?

While working as a merchandiser in a department store, they were bought by liquidators. So, I requested to be in the first wave of let go's and opened my shop the following day knowing this was the perfect time to finally start the Etsy shop I had wanted to start since I first learned of Etsy.

What does a typical day look like for you? How do you organize your time and tasks?

Never consistent, lol. I'm a Cancer so I tend to operate based on my mood and I have no children to navigate my day. I do take deadlines into consideration since many of my orders are for weddings, so that tends to keep me on track.

Where do you draw inspiration from currently?

My inspiration comes from fellow artist, primarily Estians. Others on Etsy inspire me and are always raising the bar for me.

Name your top 5 favorite Etsy shops.

Too many to pick just five but here are some that stand out to me that might be otherwise unknown to you and your readers.

La Boom arts and crafts
- I was lucky enough to win an item for her shop. So fantastic!

Jody Hollier Designs
- Jody is a friend of mine and I talked her into opening up a shop. She has great stuff!

Sachiko - I got her arm warmers and am in love with them... she has fantastic customer service and excellent quality.

Miscellaneous Plus - of course I have to favorite my mom's shop, she makes the best minkey blankets.

Metroline6 - love her stuff, my favorite is the Latin Quarter Photography Print.

Where did your shop name come from?

My shop name is the maiden names of my two grandmothers. My paternal grandmother (tucker) was an artist of oil painting, she specialized in seascapes and was always my kindred spirit when it came to my artistic talent. My maternal grandmother (reece) was a amateur seamstress and still to this day crochets the most amazing baby blankets among other things. They both always encouraged my abilities and I felt it would be a great honor and tribute to them to name my shop after them.

What do you do when faced with a 'creative block'?

When I am blocked I have always headed to the internet. Currently, it's Pinterest.com. I love it! It's a great site that let's you have virtual boards to pin your favorite photos to and you can look at other boards or type in a search term and what ever my block is, it seems to get lifted by scrolling thorough the photos. It's a fantastic site and highly recommended if you like visual candy. My boards are here http://pinterest.com/jennagraviss

What is your favorite item?

From my shop? It varies but right now I'm really in love with my heart and arrow creation.

What kind of things make you the happiest?

Designing and working on orders for my shop, my family, Disneyland, rainy cold days, flea markets, a bike ride, cooking and baking... just to name a few. Simple things tend to make me happiest.

What is your favorite quote?

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney

Anything else you want to tell us?

I'm working on creating new products for a supply shop. Currently, I create all my packaging, tags, stickers etc. and thought I would enjoy making them available to other shops. Shops that might need or want similar stuff like me since I love it doing it anyway. Still deciding on a name though.

Jenna! Thank you so much for your time and your talents - AMAZING WORK!!

If you want to find more of Jenna's work or to stalk her, nicely, on-line, you can see more Tucker Reece here:

Tucker Reece on Facebook

Jenna on Twitter

The Tucker Reece Blog

Tucker Reece on Etsy

Jenna was nice enough to offer Lemon Kissed and lemon drop studio readers a discount in her shop!! Use the coupon code:
LEMONKISSED at check out and save 10% off your order! This only lasts for a week - so act quick, before I go buy all of it!

Have a great night!


a few new pretties

I have been slowly redecorating the master bedroom, and I finally found two prints that I adore from a shop called Letter Happy on Etsy. I love Christen's work: simple, lighthearted and fun, happy colors! Just my style!

I just thought I'd share a few quick shots of her lovely work in my ever-changing and evolving bedroom.

Thanks Christen! Letter Happy makes ME happy!!



The Dirty Housewife

You guys are in for a treat! You know how every girl has a few "girl crushes"? If you don't, pretend that you do..., well, Tanya from The Dirty Housewife is SO one of my girl crushes! She's funny, she's gorgeous, she's smart and she's nice. Oh, and she makes amazing artisan perfumes, soaps and more! She's our interview this week - and trust me, you're going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her.

How did your shop get started?

Most people do not know this, but I am actually a Cosmetologist turned Photographer turned Alchemist of sorts. Everything I have done was leading me to this. When I was younger I had a strong love affair with make-up , hair, products, and everything else that had anything to do with vanity. Cosmetology took me to great heights in Atlanta and I specialized in Redken hair color, products, and ‘make-overs.’ You could not keep me away from bright lights and Hair Shows! I stayed on the cutting edge and was always continuing my education and thirst for knowledge and worked hard, but could not get past the culture and behind the scenes of “The Salon” so I knew my time had come 12 years later and I left it for good. I had to reinvent myself, but stay true to my heart and soul, so I rode my time and went to college for Digital Photography after I moved to New England. I never did anything serious with Photography other than one publishing in a New Hampshire business magazine and small awards from my school, but it taught me how to take photos. Luckily for me starting an online “visual” business, going to school for Photography was exactly what I needed to do, not that I knew that then, of course.

What I am trying to say, is that I am not really sure, it just came to me, and I went with it. I guess I knew what I was doing after all. I needed something that I could still give to people in that fashion while staying home to grow a daughter and family life. I have also always had a strong love of botanicals and smells as I am a strong nostalgic and relate heavily to the way things make me feel by the way they smell. And what girl does not love to be surrounded by products? I am a self proclaimed “Product Whore”! It is a DREAM to be making my very own.

What does a typical day look like for you? How do you organize your time and tasks?

A typical day here starts with a 5 am wake up call from BOTH of my beloved cats who like to perch on my shoulder while purring very loudly, who after I am awake, want nothing to do with me. So I make coffee, get my daughter and husband out the door and start checking emails. I feel it is very important to start the day with a couple (yes, couple) of hours on Facebook. It is tough being so social sometimes, but I somehow make it through. I then check in to Etsy and my personal website and start organizing orders. I always have a large dry erase board on hand (make that two!) as I like to write daily/weekly items for orders on it. It is never empty, but always modified. Then I find the perfect music for the day to get me going (very important), play with my dogs, and get to work. One of the best things about owning a Cottage/Indie business is the luxury of choosing your slots of time , when and how you do things, and deciding on a whim to drop everything and run out the door to go to the beach if you like. But, you must be a master organizer and time manager. Whatever I may put aside for the day, gets done at night.

Where do you draw inspiration from currently?

Wow, what don't I draw inspiration from?! Nature, first and foremost. Then maybe a smell or a color. I have a habit of looking at a botanical and thinking “what can I do with this, and what kind of synergy can I create by adding something else.” Sometimes even just a simple feeling that a fragrance gives me will set me off into a crazed lab-state of mind. I am also always inspired by my competitors, big and small, and never hesitate to take a look around at all the trends. I was told once by my Art History teacher in college that in order to be a great artist, you must always appreciate other artists first and draw fragments of inspiration from them all. I liked that. (I like that, too, A LOT!)

Name your top 5 favorite Etsy shops.


NotableNotions - she keeps me packaged, yall

ElleMoss - stunning and perfectly staged photography

All of Shauna’s shops! She keeps me fabulous! - oh, you! total brownie points!

Catherine47 – I love her fauvist style of artwork in the likes of Matisse and Van Gogh

And SpiritedWoodland for my fairy nymph side

Where did your shop name come from?

Oh gosh, this one is tough because the contradiction almost does not make sense, does that make sense? lol I have always had a somewhat naughty edge to me so I knew my name had to as well, but it was mostly a contradictory word play on the fact that I made a product to cleanse. The name just came to me almost like a kindred spirit and I ran with it and then the product names came soon after. I wanted to make a line that would appeal to the women who know how/when to be a lady on his arm and a freak in the bedroom, and women who just like skin care and perfume is nice, too.

What do you do when faced with a 'creative block'?

I do a lot of meditating. I don’t exactly sit cross legged with my palms turned towards the sky in a sing-songy fashion, but I do take stolen moments throughout my days to either channel or concentrate on whatever is happening or needing to happen in my life . I am a big believer in the saying “ask and you shall receive”. Sometimes it is as simple to me as needing to know where to go next, but I always stay focused on knowing that “it” WILL come to me. Along with that I might just ride it out – it is better than pushing too hard sometimes.

What is your favorite item?

Shauna, that is like asking who my favorite child is! Even though I only have one! Fine, Tanya. I'll tell everyone MY favorite - the MILF spray. Ohmygoodness - smells delicious and sexy! OR the Mermaid Hair - seriously, just get some.

What kind of things make you the happiest?

Ooooh, I just LOVE to wake up in the morning! That always starts my day off right! I love a warm Summer day with a slight breeze as much as the first snowfall. I could not live without poetry, especially Linda Goodman poetry - I am a hopeless romantic and it is disgusting sometimes. Any beach, especially mine. My daughter and husband make me laugh more than anyone normal person probably does. A really great book or movie. The way my cats wake me up in the morning (despite what I said) and sentimental people. Memories. My beautiful friends. And a very happy customer.

What is your favorite quote?

I am the Queen of Quotes! lol At the moment it is one by my brilliant nephew: “Our world needs History Makers and Visionaries, to open our eyes, to steer us to an altered path of existence but unfortunately we have them all medicated and staring into iPads”.

and there is also this verse from a Kate Nash song:

“You used to get it in your fishnets
now you only get it in your night-dress
discarded all the naughty nights for niceness
and landed in a very common crisis" (Originally by Arctic Monkeys)

Anything else you want to tell us?

I adore what I do and think that the key to any “job” in life is just that - adore what you do. Find something you would do for free and do THAT. I also adore the people, friends, and customers who help make it all happen - without them it would not be possible.

Also, life is really short, and I do not mean that in a cliché way - I really mean that. And you just do not know if you will be one of the lucky ones to simply open your eyes and wake up tomorrow. And with that being said - cherish each and every single one of your memories, but live and love in the now. Be kind to the people in your lives and NEVER be scared to say and do what you want, and how you want to. And always smile, it is the second best thing that your lips can do!

The Dirty Housewife

SEE... don't you just ADORE her?!
Remember to check out Tanya's website and Etsy shop. You'll be glad you did. Also, don't forget to check out her Facebook page for more behind-the-scenes goodness.

Thanks for the lovely interview, Tanya! You always have me laughing and smiling.


spotted: lovely Lemon Kissed customers

First, can I just say that my customers (or as I call them, my lovelies) are just the cutest people in all the land? It's so true. I LOVE getting pictures of people wearing jewelry I've made - and today I got 2 pictures that made me squeal and do fist pumps.

Here's Heidi, wearing our Piper earrings, in aqua. Stunning!! (coming back to the shop soon).

And here's Shana, proudly wearing our Mister Mustache necklace. Time and time again these ladies have proven that girls can wear facial hair and still be adorable. (coming back to the shop soon, too!)

Thanks for sharing your pictures, Heidi and Shana. And thank you for letting Lemon Kissed be a part of your outfits! I feel so incredibly lucky!



Friend Referral Contest

We want more friends to add to our collection. Who doesn't? Friends are great, right? Right.

Lemon Kissed's Facebook Fan Page
is currently running a Fan Referral Contest and YOU are invited to play and possibly win.

Here's how:

Suggest Lemon Kissed's Facebook fan page to your friends.
Have your friends write on Lemon Kissed's wall, telling me who sent them.

For every person who tells me your name, you get 1 entry. The more friends who join, the more entries you receive.

Entries for what?! Oh, you want to know what you win? The person who refers the most Facebook fans will receive a $20 shop credit to Lemon Kissed. Yay!

The contest runs from April 3 to April 18. I wish you guys the best of luck!



Handmade Colectibles

It's time to meet Cole, from Handmade Colectibles. I first discovered Cole because I fell in love with her blog, Letters from Coco. Her pictures are gorgeous, she has two sons, and she loves family. I was hooked. And then I found out that she can make amazing things out of felt - and I was in LOVE. From felt rosettes to hair pretties to wreaths and even bouquets - Cole makes beautiful items out of felt. She's kind of my hero. Let's meet her - she's so much fun!

1. How did your shop get started?
I became a stay at home mom in July 2009, the day my second son was born. I loved every minute of being home with my boys but felt like something was missing. On a family vacation that summer we were shopping at an outside handmade/craft fair in huntington beach and I just knew that that's what I wanted to be doing. I was inspired but needed an idea. Fast forward a summer later- I wanted a wreath for my house but something fresh and modern. Come to find out there's not a whole lot of modern looking wreaths for sale in the stores. So I played and after making a few as gifts for family, decided I had found my niche.

2. What does a typical day look like for you? How do you organize your time and tasks?

I'm up by 5 most mornings. That way I have an hour to myself before the kids day starts. I'd like to say that I have a nice organized crafting schedule where I create in a pretty, inspiring workspace. In reality most of my crafting is done sitting on a stool in my kitchen, with music playing throughout the house, and squeeling boys running about. But that works for me. I think I've just recently realized the importance of designating certain hours for shop work. Because with a handmade business from home you can end up working yourself all day long which isn't good for you or your family. That's why I try not to work on orders on the weekends when daddy is home. I'm just now learning the importance of a good balance.

3. Where do you draw inspiration from currently?

My husband and I decided to make some big changes in our lives which meant being more cautious of how were spending our time and what we're filling ourselves up with. So we cut out TV, and have been spending more time reading together, doing outreach together, spending time with uplifting people. And it's a amazing the changes that happen when you're intentional about doing life differently. I feel so much more inspired every day just by filling myself with the good.

4. Name your top 5 favorite Etsy shops.

Tank and Tink- my house is filled with Molly's encouraging prints.

Tucker Reece - Jenna was one of my first shop friends and if you walked into my house you would think she set up a little shop to advertise in because I have her little love letters all over.

Apple Blossom Print - Rachel's done several custom orders for me and I'm always so impressed by her. Great customer service, wonderful product and the shipping time and packaging is always impressive. I order A TON from Etsy, so when I get this A+ treatment I almost always will come back and shop again.

MaryKateMcDevitt - one of those adorable shops where you secretly wish you would have thought of the idea first. Ha! Love her work.

Love Lune - always so impressed by Jill's work and she happens to be so, so sweet. Her pieces are some of my favorites to wear around.

5. Where did your shop name come from?

A friend of mine joked that I should call it 'wreath COLEectibles' to incorporate my name into it. She meant it as a joke but I really liked the idea and kept the colectibles part in it. Took out the wreath so that I could expand my product if I wanted to, which I have.

6. What is your favorite item?

Right now my favorite items are the wedding bouquets I'm working on. The thought of creating something for someone's special day was completely terrifying and at the same time so exciting. I was scared to do it at first but now I'm so glad that I took the leap.

7. What kind of things make you the happiest?

I love being outside. Coffee nights with my girlfriends. Decorating my house. Baking. Game nights. Having a real relationship with God and actually seeing Him at work in my life, changing this stubborn heart. Early morning snuggling in bed with my 3 boys. Getting to be at home with my boys and make pretty flowers every day. So many things!

8. What is your favorite quote?

"When I try, I fail. When I trust, He succeeds."- Corrie Ten Boom

another favorite...

"Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out." - John Wooden

Cole has offered Lemon Kissed blog readers a special discount in her shop, Handmade Colectibles. Enter "ilovelemons" in the coupon code window upon checkout and save 20% off of your purchase. This deal expires in one week. (This discount does not include wedding bouquet orders). Thanks Cole!!

Thank you so much, Cole! I know that my readers are going to adore you and your amazing felt creations!!

Want to check out Handmade Colectibles?

Find Cole here:

Blog: Letters from Coco
Handmade Colectibles Etsy Shop