interviews - coming soon!

I always love reading about talented artists and creative friends and hearing how they created their business. It's not that I am stalking them, but I find it so interesting all the different paths that one can take to make their dreams come true. And I'm really nosy. I can admit that. And I suspect that you blog readers are a tiny bit nosy, too.

I have asked some of my talented friends, most admired creative role models and fantastic artists some questions - I suppose they call that an interview.

Stay tuned, because I have some great interviews lined up, and I'm hoping to share the first one in the next day or so... but spring break hasn't been all that relaxing, yet.

I can't wait to share these interviews - you are going to LOVE them, and you're going to love me for introducing you to them. So, you're welcome, in advance.

Have a great Tuesday!

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