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It's time to introduce you to one of my first Etsy pals and talented friend, Jaimee, the designer and owner of Bushel and Peck Paper. Bushel and Peck Paper has it all - everything you could imagine, it's there, and it's amazing. From personalized bookplates to stationery to bags and party supplies - the possibilities are truly endless. Let's meet Jaimee!

1. How did your shop get started?

Our first shop, Modern Classics: Kids, was created out of basic mental necessity. I was on bed-rest with my son and going out of my mind. I had to find something to occupy my time while lying around like a beached whale. So, I whipped out the ol' laptop and started designing. My college roommate introduced me to Etsy and the rest is history. We've since changed names & location and can now be found over at www.bushelandpeckpaper.com & www.bushelandpeckpaper.etsy.com

2. What does a typical day look like for you? How do you organize your time and tasks?

Let's see...the day starts with getting the kiddo ready for school. Once he's on the bus & kisses are blown, I jog the one block home (that's my idea of exercise for the day) and get to work. First, it's answering emails & phone calls, then it's filling orders. There's usually a mid-day break for job #2 - dog walking! I help a friend out with her business and have a few steady clients now. You can't beat being paid for some fresh air and clearing your mind (along with a bit more of that exercise I love so much). Then, it's back to work until 3:45pm when I pick the little man back up at the bus stop. Homework, play, dinner, bedtime and then back in the studio until about 1am. They're long days and sleeping in on the weekend is MUCH appreciated at the end of the week. I try to stick with that schedule and it seems to be working. I need to lay off the business hours on the weekend a little more though. I'm too eager to please others and need to remember how to relax sometimes. I'm still working on that.

3. Where do you draw inspiration from currently?

My main source of inspiration is my little boy. Seeing what he's drawn to, the books we read... I LOVE children's books! Another little job I do on the side is volunteer at my son's school library. Every Tuesday, I get to peruse hundreds of books and see which ones the kids decide to bring home with them. I make mental notes of what's popular: dinosaurs, aliens, fairies, sports... I like pretty designs, but I work best when I have an entire theme to work around.

4. Name your top 5 favorite Etsy shops.

1. Hmmm...no brainer - LEMON KISSED!!! (bonus points for you, Jaimee!!)

2. Sea Urchin Studio - I strive to be that adorable on paper.

3. Gaia Conceptions - I would love an entire wardrobe of their creations.

4. Janet Hill Studio - everything is so dainty and the colors are so... candy!

5. My sister would kill me if I didn't say Lather Soap Co. She's got the same business gusto I've got. Must be in the blood!

5. Where did your shop name come from?

Bushel + Peck Paper came from my memories of my Grandmother singing the song to me ~ "I love you, a bushel and a peck..." It conjures up images of my childhood and a time when everything was full of fun and THAT'S what I wanted my shop to feel like.

6. What do you do when faced with a 'creative block'?

I panic and then don't try so hard. Things seem to happen best when you just go with the flow. I get most of my ideas when I lay down at night. That's why I've got my trusty pen and paper on the night stand. I'll jot down rhymes, doodles, themes and then get to work on them in the morning.

7. What is your favorite item?

Hmmm... I think it would have to be our new British Tea Party items. I just love the bold colors and the quirkiness of all things British!

8. What kind of things make you the happiest?

Seeing my family happy. I could be having the worst day and then hear my son giggle... everything becomes perfect again.

Thank you SO, SO much, Jaimee! You're so much fun, and I know all the readers are going to LOVE you.

Want more Bushel and Peck Paper? Want to chat with Jaimee? You can find her here:



Bushel and Peck Paper's Website

Etsy Photography Shop - I would LOVE to have HALF the photography skills that Jaimee has... swoon!

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