wise words wednesday

I find so much comfort in this quote from George Eliot, and I believe it with all of my heart.

What words inspire you today??

{picture taken by moi}


Bushel and Peck Paper

It's time to introduce you to one of my first Etsy pals and talented friend, Jaimee, the designer and owner of Bushel and Peck Paper. Bushel and Peck Paper has it all - everything you could imagine, it's there, and it's amazing. From personalized bookplates to stationery to bags and party supplies - the possibilities are truly endless. Let's meet Jaimee!

1. How did your shop get started?

Our first shop, Modern Classics: Kids, was created out of basic mental necessity. I was on bed-rest with my son and going out of my mind. I had to find something to occupy my time while lying around like a beached whale. So, I whipped out the ol' laptop and started designing. My college roommate introduced me to Etsy and the rest is history. We've since changed names & location and can now be found over at www.bushelandpeckpaper.com & www.bushelandpeckpaper.etsy.com

2. What does a typical day look like for you? How do you organize your time and tasks?

Let's see...the day starts with getting the kiddo ready for school. Once he's on the bus & kisses are blown, I jog the one block home (that's my idea of exercise for the day) and get to work. First, it's answering emails & phone calls, then it's filling orders. There's usually a mid-day break for job #2 - dog walking! I help a friend out with her business and have a few steady clients now. You can't beat being paid for some fresh air and clearing your mind (along with a bit more of that exercise I love so much). Then, it's back to work until 3:45pm when I pick the little man back up at the bus stop. Homework, play, dinner, bedtime and then back in the studio until about 1am. They're long days and sleeping in on the weekend is MUCH appreciated at the end of the week. I try to stick with that schedule and it seems to be working. I need to lay off the business hours on the weekend a little more though. I'm too eager to please others and need to remember how to relax sometimes. I'm still working on that.

3. Where do you draw inspiration from currently?

My main source of inspiration is my little boy. Seeing what he's drawn to, the books we read... I LOVE children's books! Another little job I do on the side is volunteer at my son's school library. Every Tuesday, I get to peruse hundreds of books and see which ones the kids decide to bring home with them. I make mental notes of what's popular: dinosaurs, aliens, fairies, sports... I like pretty designs, but I work best when I have an entire theme to work around.

4. Name your top 5 favorite Etsy shops.

1. Hmmm...no brainer - LEMON KISSED!!! (bonus points for you, Jaimee!!)

2. Sea Urchin Studio - I strive to be that adorable on paper.

3. Gaia Conceptions - I would love an entire wardrobe of their creations.

4. Janet Hill Studio - everything is so dainty and the colors are so... candy!

5. My sister would kill me if I didn't say Lather Soap Co. She's got the same business gusto I've got. Must be in the blood!

5. Where did your shop name come from?

Bushel + Peck Paper came from my memories of my Grandmother singing the song to me ~ "I love you, a bushel and a peck..." It conjures up images of my childhood and a time when everything was full of fun and THAT'S what I wanted my shop to feel like.

6. What do you do when faced with a 'creative block'?

I panic and then don't try so hard. Things seem to happen best when you just go with the flow. I get most of my ideas when I lay down at night. That's why I've got my trusty pen and paper on the night stand. I'll jot down rhymes, doodles, themes and then get to work on them in the morning.

7. What is your favorite item?

Hmmm... I think it would have to be our new British Tea Party items. I just love the bold colors and the quirkiness of all things British!

8. What kind of things make you the happiest?

Seeing my family happy. I could be having the worst day and then hear my son giggle... everything becomes perfect again.

Thank you SO, SO much, Jaimee! You're so much fun, and I know all the readers are going to LOVE you.

Want more Bushel and Peck Paper? Want to chat with Jaimee? You can find her here:



Bushel and Peck Paper's Website

Etsy Photography Shop - I would LOVE to have HALF the photography skills that Jaimee has... swoon!


hair pretties

I'm so inspired by spring's long-awaited arrival. From flowers blooming, raindrops on my window, rainbows and puffy clouds in the sky to quick walks before the next rain shower - be on the look out for new, fresh ideas and items in Lemon Kissed's Etsy shop.

Have the happiest of weekends,


save 58% off of Lemon Kissed - today only on Heartsy

Pssssst.... want to know a little secret?

If you haven't heard of Heartsy yet, today is a great time to stop by and check it out. Like the Groupon of handmade, Heartsy features artists you love, at prices that will literally make you squeal. It's true.

Why is today a great time to check out Heartsy? Because you can find Lemon Kissed featured today, March 23rd, and save HUGE. $17 will get you $40 worth of Lemon Kissed jewelry. Shop early so you make sure you don't miss out on this great opportunity.

Happy shopping and saving,


interviews - coming soon!

I always love reading about talented artists and creative friends and hearing how they created their business. It's not that I am stalking them, but I find it so interesting all the different paths that one can take to make their dreams come true. And I'm really nosy. I can admit that. And I suspect that you blog readers are a tiny bit nosy, too.

I have asked some of my talented friends, most admired creative role models and fantastic artists some questions - I suppose they call that an interview.

Stay tuned, because I have some great interviews lined up, and I'm hoping to share the first one in the next day or so... but spring break hasn't been all that relaxing, yet.

I can't wait to share these interviews - you are going to LOVE them, and you're going to love me for introducing you to them. So, you're welcome, in advance.

Have a great Tuesday!


clipboard envy

I woke up feeling inspired by the above picture, courtesy of Martha Stewart, of course. I love the simplicity and the organization. I love the clipboards and the vintage metal desk lamp. So much to love that I had to find some Etsy matches...

Look what I found:

Find them here + enjoy:

1. 1940's Vintage Desk Lamp by FishboneDeco

2. Doublesided Tangerine Clipboard by Box64Studios

3. Make My Wishes Come True Clipboard by DecoyLab

4. Olive Green Gooseneck Desk Lamp by BackGarage


Lovelies to Love

Just a few more items that I'm drooling over, for one reason or another, and I thought I'd share, because I'm nice like that. Also, now you know what kind of presents to send me. I like to take the guesswork out of gift-buying for you guys, now you know I'll love whatever it is you send me. Just kidding, but seriously, check out these shops - oozing with talent and cuteness, I pinky swear.

Enjoy the finds:

1. Small Deer vinyl decal by TastySuite
2. Woodland Fox tote bag by Sweet Harvey
3. Float miniature fiber art by MerriweatherCouncil
4. Superhero Shoes by SmallFly
5. 7 Rosette Stems by HandmadeColectibles

flash sale!

It's Wednesday, I just completed day 3 of Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred, and it's been a great week - so let's celebrate HUMP DAY with a flash sale.

Today only, from now until 5:30pm PST, you can get your entire Lemon Kissed purchase for 20% off. Just use the coupon code:
FLASHSALE at checkout.

Share with your neighbors, family, friends, co-workers and even your enemies.

Have fun and thanks for being a Lemon Kissed friend.


wise words wednesday

Absolutely true. But I need to remind myself of this daily.

What words inspire you today??


Spotted: piper earrings in eggplant

This just popped up on my phone and I knew right away when I saw my gorgeous friend Marie wearing her eggplant colored Piper dangles that I would have to share with all of you. THIS is exactly why I say that the Piper earrings go with anything. Dress them up or down. Marie looks HOT, and these earrings would be just as cute on a summer evening with your layered tank tops, favorite pair of jeans and some flips.

Guess what... the Piper earrings in eggplant and in aqua are my number one sellers - and they will be back in the Lemon Kissed shop by the weekend, if all goes well.

Marie, thanks for letting me share your beauty with the blog world.


PS: If you'd like to RESERVE your pair of Piper earrings before they hit the shop and sell out once again, feel free to email me or convo me on Etsy and I'll get you all set up. Thanks lovelies.


Lemon Shack Vintage

I realized something today... Well, I've realized many things, but we'll just start with one.

I haven't informed all of you about my newest shop, Lemon Shack Vintage, that I have started with my best friend Marie, of MarieLou on Etsy. We've been best friends since the 6th grade, ever since I saw her in her denim bucket hat and she was digging my plaid, flannel baby doll dress with sage green stretch pants. That's really beside the point. The point is: we both have a love of vintage and of rescuing treasures. We live 2 hours away from one another, yet this tricks us into thinking we are neighbors. We like to pretend we're the hotter, female versions of Frank and Mike, from American Pickers.

Here's a little taste of what's in our shop currently:

1. Vintage Romco Eyeglasses

2. Silver and turquoise statement ring

3. Bob's Big Boy piggy bank

4. Vintage golden owl

Take a peek at our shop. We just got started in January, but we're already on a roll. It's been so much fun, and I hope you love it as much as we do.
Stop by and say "hello". Or "hey".

And yes, it's hard not buying our own treasures from one another - very, very hard.


jewelry displays

What do you do with all your jewelry when it isn't decorating you? You can only wear so many pieces at once, or so I'm told. I'm always curious to see how people store all their jewelry. There definitely isn't a right or a wrong answer, but it sure is fun to see what other people come up with.

How do I store my jewelry? Not in any particular method or way. I'd like to think it's somewhat organized chaos. I have a jewelry box for my nicer jewelry, that doesn't get worn all that often. I also have a few funky bowls and cups to hold some, and then the top drawer of my dresser is full of more storage for more jewelry. I guess I don't really have one set system, and that's fine. BUT, after searching for jewelry displays online this morning, I have found a few more methods I want to add to my jewelry storing needs.


1. Dress Frame Jewelry Holders by PB Teen

2. Kaleidoscope Jewelry Stand by Urban Outfitters

3. Printers Drawer Jewelry Display by BlueBirdHeaven

Want to share how YOU organize or don't organize your jewelry? We'd love to see. Send us a picture or a link and we'll share it with our blog readers and Facebook fans.

embroidery hoop earring holder

It has come to my attention recently that my customers are BRILLIANT. Perhaps my brilliance is a magnet for other brilliant gems like you guys.

Just take a peek at what Mandy did with an embroidery hoop, some cute fabric and some mad embroidery skills (you do see the lemon, right?).

This was just too good of an idea to let this picture sit in my inbox, I knew I'd have to share it with you guys.

Thanks for being such a great Lemon Kissed fan, Mandy, and thanks for letting me share your genius idea with everyone.

Have a happy Saturday.


Friday Night

There are no words to even express how happy I am that the weekend is now here. I plan on taking care of my sick boys, working on projects around the house, and making new jewelry pieces, of course. I have lots of new ideas in my noggin - now let's just see if I can make them happen in real life and not just in my mind.

I hope all of you have a lovely weekend full of laughs and fun. Thanks for being great fans.

{Necklace pictured above is NEW in the shop. Lilo.}


Lovelies to Love

Just a few more items that I'm drooling over, for one reason or another, and I thought I'd share. The colors make me so happy, especially on this windy, rainy and somewhat gray Portland day. Spring is right around the corner and this delights me.

Enjoy the finds.

Sky Blue Posy Baskets by KatesCottage2

Orange Striped Paper Straws by CupcakeSocial

Seashell by Theme Fragrance

Mid Century Brass Bowl by Vintage Biffann


spring clearance sale

Just wanted to let all my pretties (you) know that I have added more items to the SALE section of Lemon Kissed. Let me help you get ready for spring with a few new pieces of jewelry that can give your wardrobe the pick-me-up it may need.

Now who's ready for spring!?


Lemon Kissed gives back.

Now through the end of April, every time you purchase a purple piece of jewelry from Lemon Kissed, more than one person is benefiting. Not only is purple a great color, but it's going to help raise money to save lives.

Lemon Kissed is donating 50% of all proceeds from purple jewelry sales to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). The money is going towards the fundraising goals of 2 dear friends (who also happen to be the most wonderful and caring couple we know!) who are running in the Eugene Marathon in May to help raise money for the LLS.

If you'd like to donate directly to the cause, you can find my friends' fundraising pages here and here. Thank you, Skye and Joe, for being heroes and for letting Lemon Kissed help in any way that we can.

I will continually be adding more purple pieces to the shop - so check back whenever you get the chance! I have dedicated a special section in the shop to all the pieces that help fundraise for this cause: Charity Benefit.

Thank you for your help, compassion and kindness. I know that together we can make a difference.

{Lemon Kissed}