a new color for Haley

Lemon Kissed's ever-popular Haley earrings are now available in another color and they are just perfect for the spring season that is JUST around the corner! (as I type this, we have 3 inches of snow on the ground and it's suppose to be in the teens tonight.)

Haley earrings are now available in PURPLE!

In case you aren't familiar with these dangles, let me tell you why they are a favorite. Haley earrings are lightweight, and they are made of wood. The leaf measures 1.75 inches in length, so they are not too small, but by no means are they big and bulky. They are the perfect earring to pull together any outfit, or to put some color into your wardrobe. I love how easy and care-free they are!

You can see all the available Haley earring color choices here. Available colors are: spring green, black, orange/natural, teal and now purple.

I hope you love them. Enjoy!

Psssst! also, I've added new items to the SALE section of Lemon Kissed. Have you taken a peek?


the loft of Lemon Kissed

Hello beauties and beauts!

Have you ever wondered what Lemon Kissed looks like behind the scenes? Well, even if you haven't, you're about to find out! (unless you stop reading at this point and close this browser window)...

As most of you know, I'm a full-time mama to two devilishly handsome boys (ages 1 and 4 1/2), so my work space has to be kid-friendly and close to where the kidlets play. We moved in December into a lovely home that has the perfect loft space with gorgeous natural light, and before I even signed the lease, I knew that that loft would be Lemon Kissed's home.

Enjoy your peek into the area where your Lemon Kissed jewelry is created and packaged.

The loft is simple. I can't handle clutter, unless it's jewelry clutter...

Some of my favorite things in my workspace include:
- the boys' FatBoy bean bag chair (a recent present for Carsten's first birthday) - this gives the kids and I somewhere to snuggle, or more often a place for the boys to wrestle.
- the handmade table and stools - my mom had this made especially for Taylor when he was very small. It's well made and I love being low to the ground while making jewelry; maybe because it makes it harder for the kids to pull at my legs.
- my green armoire - refinished by my friend Julie, I was so excited when she wanted to get rid of it, I had been eying it for awhile, and I knew it'd be great at organizing my supplies and easy to help me hide my mess.
- Pier1 wire and frame - this is PERFECT for storing my dangle earrings that are in the shop without having to hunt for them when I make a sale.

I hope I didn't bore your pants off!


PS: I have a window sill that would hold FAN MAIL terrifically. Just sayin'...


Spoil Yourself

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Earrings pictured above (Penny) are BRAND NEW and can be found here.