more fan photos!

You know what I love more than designing my jewelry? Seeing lovely people wearing my jewelry.

I am ALWAYS thrilled when customers, friends, family and facebook fans share their pictures - and I always ask if I can share them on my blog - and usually get a YES. So here's my latest two beauties, wearing their Lemon Kissed goodies.

This is Mandy, and she's making the Amanda earrings in the lovely green just look so fun!! And look at those curtains in the background! You can tell this girl loves color! The Amanda earrings can be found in my Etsy shop, right here.

And here is Crystal in the ever-popular and lovely Piper earrings in eggplant purple. I love this picture and feel so thankful for Crystal sharing it with us!! Currently, the inventory of Piper earrings in my Etsy shop are limited to aqua, but I need to list my white ones, too. I will be getting eggplant in the shop again, soon.

If you'd like to share your picture of you wearing your latest Lemon Kissed goodie, please do so! You can post it on our Facebook Fan Page or you can send it to me in an email!


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