Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!! 2011 is going to be amazing. I can already tell. I hope that everyone is ready for my goal for the next year... become a better blogger!! You guys can be an active part of helping me accomplish my goal. (Do you like how I set goals for myself that require your help?, like how I just assume you want to help me!?).

Anyway, to be a better blogger, I need to figure out what that means. I think I need more consistency of blog posts, and probably should post interesting things, that you guys want to read. Right? I don't want this whole blog to be self-promotion, because you guys would get sick of me so fast.
Let's put our heads together and brainstorm what we want to see this year on Lemon Kissed's blog.

Feel free to leave me comments or email me directly, at my email account or via a conversation on Etsy.

Smooches to all of you, and cheers to you and yours for a lovely, fun, and adventurous 2011! Shauna

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