Simply Perfect. a treasury

I wish that I had an infinite amount of free time so I could create treasuries on Etsy all day long. I'm still not sure where to find all this time, so until then, I'll continue to make treasuries when I have pockets of time that I can sneak in. I just wanted to share my latest... I hope you enjoy!


new in the shop

Hello there, you fine-looking blog friend. Thanks for stopping by Lemon Kissed's blog to see what is new. We've been busy adding new pretties to the shop, and here are just a few to feast your eyes upon.

From top left, going clockwise:

1. Leslie. the perfect flower pendant on chocolate brown leather cord.
2. Sheridan. natural shell earrings that match just about anything.
3. Betsy Bling Cocktail Rings. dress up your digits with some pretty gems.
4. Kelly. our popular shell bracelet is now available in black and in white. hello, options!

Shipping remains free on everything in the shop to Canada and the United States. Are there any blog readers that would like Lemon Kissed sent to their country? Let me know, because we're looking to expand!

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Happiest of Happy Hump Days to you!


decorating help!

Okay you guys, I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do with my honking huge mantle in the living room. I don't want things to look crowded. Is it too late for that!? I don't like themes. I just know what I like and what I don't like. And I'm just going for relaxed.

Also, I'm going to be incorporating a small deer antler on the mantle, and it's old, so it's almost white-ish. Did you want to know that?! I saw a fake one at Kohl's and I loved it. So my mom went and found me one at an antique store for $15. Is this weird? I have a vision. Trust me. Is anyone understanding me?!

So, I just wanted to see if you all had any ideas for up there. It's about 2 feet deep (that's what she said...), and there's no electrical outlets up there, because that would be too convenient. So, are you up for the challenge of helping me decorate?? Oh, and it has to be budget friendly! (Dumb, huh?! I think so, too!).

Ahem, Kristi, I'm so addressing this blog post to YOU!


A Naughty and Nice Valentine's Day

Just a little treasury I put together this morning while the littlest man in the house slept in this morning, and while snuggling my 4 year old.


PS: What's your favorite thing about Valentine's Day!?

a MUST-ache SEE treasury


more fan photos!

You know what I love more than designing my jewelry? Seeing lovely people wearing my jewelry.

I am ALWAYS thrilled when customers, friends, family and facebook fans share their pictures - and I always ask if I can share them on my blog - and usually get a YES. So here's my latest two beauties, wearing their Lemon Kissed goodies.

This is Mandy, and she's making the Amanda earrings in the lovely green just look so fun!! And look at those curtains in the background! You can tell this girl loves color! The Amanda earrings can be found in my Etsy shop, right here.

And here is Crystal in the ever-popular and lovely Piper earrings in eggplant purple. I love this picture and feel so thankful for Crystal sharing it with us!! Currently, the inventory of Piper earrings in my Etsy shop are limited to aqua, but I need to list my white ones, too. I will be getting eggplant in the shop again, soon.

If you'd like to share your picture of you wearing your latest Lemon Kissed goodie, please do so! You can post it on our Facebook Fan Page or you can send it to me in an email!

Happy New Year!

Blog Print (above) found at the Jennifer Ramos Etsy Shop

Happy New Year!! 2011 is going to be amazing. I can already tell. I hope that everyone is ready for my goal for the next year... become a better blogger!! You guys can be an active part of helping me accomplish my goal. (Do you like how I set goals for myself that require your help?, like how I just assume you want to help me!?).

Anyway, to be a better blogger, I need to figure out what that means. I think I need more consistency of blog posts, and probably should post interesting things, that you guys want to read. Right? I don't want this whole blog to be self-promotion, because you guys would get sick of me so fast.
Let's put our heads together and brainstorm what we want to see this year on Lemon Kissed's blog.

Feel free to leave me comments or email me directly, at my email account or via a conversation on Etsy.

Smooches to all of you, and cheers to you and yours for a lovely, fun, and adventurous 2011! Shauna