spotted: hot stache necklace, by Lemon Kissed!

Look!! A lovely customer's sister was lucky enough to get a Stache necklace made by Lemon Kissed for the holidays - and doesn't she make it look fun and amazing!? SEEEEEE, facial hair on ladies CAN be incredibly cute!! I told you so.

Thanks for sending me the picture, Adriane, and thanks to Natalie for wearing it so well! I hope you enjoy it!


the nest.

I just had to share my two newest additions to my home - and both from Etsy, of course.

I have been trying to decorate my room for forever - it's always the last on the to-do list, and I wanted something I loved, not just something I liked. Finally, I got this print, On Guard, that I had been swooning over, from Jaimee at Modern Classics Paper and knew right away that I wanted a special frame for it.

I just recently found this frame, in an 8 inch by 8 inch square size, at DA Custom Frames, and I couldn't be more pleased. The frame is the perfect color, and is made so well. I love supporting handmade.

Just had to share these two Etsy shops with you. It would feel wrong keeping it a secret, and I can't handle guilt. Sharing is too much fun!