Lovelies to Love: gifts for $25 and under

Lovely shops and items, from left to right:

1. 'barefoot and pregnant' hand-printed linen cotton tea towel. from wildrosesgrow. $14.
What isn't there to love about this?! I'm so grateful I'm no longer barefoot and pregnant. Well, at least not the pregnant part. This towel is brilliant. The whole shop - amazing.

2. designer cupcake liners (50) in purple and white polka dots. from mysweetwhimsy. $4.25.
I am so in love with purple lately - and I see it everywhere I turn! And combine my new love of purple with my new love of baking - BAM! - these cupcake liners are perfectly perfect.

3. women's hostess apron PDF pattern. from everydaychic. $8.
I love half aprons. I could never have enough. The only thing, I always make my mom sew them for me... until now! I think it's time to be a big girl and buy a pattern and make some aprons, for me and for friends!

Hope you love the selections today, I know I do! And remember: GO DUCKS!!

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