Lemon Kissed Referral Program

Want to get free money just for referring customers to Lemon Kissed?

Well, you can!

For every customer you refer to Lemon Kissed, you will receive $5 off your next purchase with Lemon Kissed. You can save those credits up or use them as you get them - but either way, I want to thank you for spreading the word about Lemon Kissed.

How does it work!?

When you refer a friend or family member, and they make a purchase from my Lemon Kissed Etsy Shop, have them leave YOUR name in the notes to seller box, found during the check-out process. I will log your name in my records, and also, will let you know that you have a credit, if you wish to be informed. These credits don't expire, and can be combined, or used alone.

The more customers you refer, the more $$ you get to spend with Lemon Kissed!

Say you refer 3 friends (who all make purchases, and list your name as the referrer), you then have $15 to spend in the shop!

How do you redeem your Referral Credits?

When you're ready to use your credits in the shop, or if you want to check your credit balance, simply email me through Etsy, or via email (LemonKissed at gmail dot com), and I can either set up a special listing for you, or you go ahead and shop, and I'll issue a refund via PayPal. Your choice!

Again, thank you so much for referring friends, family, enemies, moms and more to Lemon Kissed. I sure do appreciate ya!!



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  1. I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^


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