lemon drop studio changes!

Summer is over. At least it feels like it. It's the Tuesday after our long Labor Day Weekend and it's pouring down rain here in the suburbs of Portland. The air smells lovely and clean, and change is in the air. We are coming upon my favorite season - Autumn. I love the cool, crisp, clear days that fall brings, and the oranges, greens and browns that fill my closet. I'm ready to put the swimsuits and capris in storage and pull out the sweaters, tall socks and the hot chocolate mix. It's time to quit painting the toes hot pink and find the crimson reds and browns.

Surely I can't be alone in craving changes, adjustments, reorganization and new routines at this time, right?

lemon drop studio has done some changing in our Etsy shop. Have you noticed?

lemon drop studio is now a shop full of printable prints and invitations. $15 buys you any customized print, in any size, and it's yours to print as many times as you would like. My favorite part about this change is that it gives me more time to create new prints and invites, AND my customers can still make the prints completely theirs by choosing the fonts, colors and more. I'm excited about it. Are you?

Also, each week lemon drop studio is going to have a different FEATURED PRINT, and for that week, it's only $10. You can still customize it and everything, it's just a way of saying THANK YOU for being such wonderful bloggy and Etsy pals.

I hope this blog post finds all of you doing great, and hoping that you, too, are ready for Autumn.


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  1. I love the idea of buying the file to print myself! I think once I have kids I'll probably be buying prints with their names so I can print baby announcements and thank you cards and room decorations. . . very fun. :)


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