Lemon Kissed: open now!

Hi Friends!

I hope that you all had a lovely and safe 4th of July weekend, and that you're ready to start the week. And I also hope you're fully prepared for the cuteness you are about to encounter!!

Lemon Kissed, lemon drop studio's sister shop, is up and running! (With a huge THANK YOU to Elizabeth from Polka Dot Skies for being my first sale!)

Currently Lemon Kissed is stocked with colorful lotus flower post earrings ranging in colors from Sunshine Yellow to Pretty Plum. New styles should be coming soon! (I have two sick boys here to love on and take care of... but when nap time comes, I'll be making more goodies for your ears!)

The lotus flower earrings are $12, and there's ALWAYS free shipping. Always. And if you buy multiple pairs of the lotus flower earrings, each additional pair is only $10.

There's my little shop update. Now it's back to laundry and the kidlets and this beautiful Tuesday morning!

Have a great week!

PS: I'm looking for a 12-step program on over usage of exclamation points!!!! Help me!


  1. when you find that exclamation point help get me some ... help, cause I'm a little addicted... k?

  2. The earrings are perfect-I'm going to wear them tomorrow with kahki shorts and a white tee! They arrived so quickly! We have been away on a blueberry picking trip and I was thrilled to open the package when we got home!
    As you can see, I have the same problem with exclamation points!!!:)


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