new prints, new prints!

lemon drop studio has been working hard to bring you guys some fun and exciting new prints - and I'd like to introduce you to one, if you don't mind!!

Meet Lovely Lab.

This print is special to me because it reminds me of my family's first dog, Sarge, our chocolate lab. He was my parents' first baby, and when I came along, I rocked his world. Sarge and I were the best of buds, and he'd let me pull on his face and tail just as often as I wanted, and even let me eat his food, too (yuck!). I hope that other lab-lovers and owners love this print just as much as I do.

lemon drop studio's dog prints are wonderful to decorate your home, or even to remember and pay tribute to a lost furry friend. I think they look great in a child's room, or they can add a fun punch of color to any part of the house!

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