Tips for Great Silhouettes

lemon drop studio's most popular item, and most favorite to create, is the custom silhouette. It is so much fun to start with someone's photograph and then turn it into a personalized print that they can treasure for forever, and that also makes a fantastic and meaningful gift!

I am asked many questions when it comes to creating silhouettes, mainly about what type of picture I need to work with to create the silhouette, so I thought I'd turn this post into a type of guide for getting the best results possible.

Pictures that are sent to lemon drop studio should be sent as big as you can send them. This means that the higher the resolution of the picture, the more detail I can see when I zoom in. A smaller picture can get pretty blurry when zoomed in, which makes it more difficult to create a silhouette that truly resembles the person/child.

Please email your pictures to lemondropstudio@gmail.com. This is easiest for me, and allows for higher resolution images to be sent. Etsy won't allow large files to be sent, which means blurry images.

The type of image that I need to create your silhouette is one where I can see the entire profile of your child (sister, pet, etc.).

Hints for taking a good profile picture:

- Take the picture from the same level as the person. If you are taking your 3 year old's picture, get on your knees and get at their level. This gives me a better perspective of their profile and doesn't distort features. It basically helps the silhouette look more like the subject!

This picture is a great example profile picture! The picture was taken at the child's level, the long hair is pulled back, and the entire profile can be seen. The picture is crisp and clear. The silhouette seen at the top of this post is the results from this picture.

- A tired or hungry child doesn't want to hold still. Get a picture when your kiddo is happy and/or well fed - they will have more patience, and when that happens, you'll have more patience, too.

- Sometimes getting pictures of small children can be tricky, especially if they can't support their head, but there are tricks! A picture of a child sleeping on their back, looking to one side, provides a good silhouette profile. This also works if the child is being held.

- For the toddlers that never sit still, stick them in their high chair and put on a movie or some distraction. It works every time. Don't worry if they are looking down, we can fix that, we just need the profile. Always feel free to send more than one image to work with - we are more than happy to choose from a few and use with the one that will work the best.

Silhouettes of girls with long hair always turn out better if their hair is pulled up into a bun or ponytail, or anything that gets their hair up and off of their neck. Hair that is past the shoulders tends to blend in with the neck in silhouettes, making it hard to see where the hair starts and the neck ends.

If you have any more questions, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to answer them here on the blog or in an email to you.

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