Giveaway Winner. Round 3.

Congratulations to Polka Dot Skies, comment number 4, for being chosen by the Random Number Generator this morning! I will put the buttons + ribbons in the mail by tomorrow!

Didn't win? Sad about it? Me, too! There'll be another giveaway soon!

While you're here... remember that May marks lemon drop studio's 2nd year on Etsy! To celebrate, there's a huge sale going on in lemon drop studio's Etsy shop! Save 25% off everything in the store, and if you spend $50, you get a free 4x6 print of your choice!!

I love shopping, and saving, and I hope you guys do, too!

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  1. What a wonderful surprise! Thanks so much! I am looking forward to making something special with my little girl -- the ribbons and buttons will be great inspiration!

    Keep up the great blogging -- I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing all of your new creations!



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