children's gifts

It seems like this is the season for baby showers, birthday parties and new babies! lemon drop studio would like to give you a great gift giving idea!!

Personalized prints made by lemon drop studio are wonderful gifts that you can personalize using our color palette (30 color choices - the combinations are endless!) as well as choosing a font to add the child's name to the print, making it personal and extra special.

I will be working during nap times on creating more prints, but if there is a print you'd like that you don't yet see in the shop, don't hesitate to ask for a custom order, I'm more than happy to oblige! My customers always have the best ideas - you guys are smart cookies!

Our prints look great matted and framed singly, or in a row of three or more with different colors. Use your room's color scheme and add a piece of personalized art that your child will love, while supporting handmade at the same time!

Come check out lemon drop studio's prints today!

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