be back soon!

Hey Lemon Lovers!

Happy Spring to all of you!

Just checking in to say HELLO and to share a few pictures of the boys that have been consuming every waking (and sleeping) minute of our time.

My maternity "leave" ends on the 30th of this month, so I'm hoping to be a bit more active on Etsy starting then. However, I am no longer making single greeting cards - it is just too time consuming. The notecard flats are still in the shop and will still be available, in sets of 10, as always! Look for new colors and designs in April or May.

Lots of love!
Shauna and the men


  1. Absolutely gorgeous boys! I think you should be taking longer leave than you are but am also looking forward to having you back...:)

  2. oh my!!! :) congrat's on having a new baby boy... well, now not so new since i somehow missed the previous posting. my 1st baby is due coming the end of april!!! :)


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