{Giveaway} Jenny Bunny Creations: Winner!

We have a winner for our most recent {Giveaway Love} featuring the lovely Jenny Bunny Creations! The lucky winner is going to receive Twining, the gorgeous two layer bracelet, made by Jenny Bunny Creations.

The Random Number Generator chose comment number 10 this morning, and that is the lucky Vanessa of Much More Than Mommy. (Vanessa, I am getting ready to email you and tell you the good news, now!). Congrats again!

Congratulations to Vanessa, and thanks to everyone for playing, and an especially warm thanks to Jenny Bunny Creations, you are the absolute best!!


  1. OH! Congrats!

    Vanessa won my giveaway on Monday. She's on a winning streak! It pays to know cool people who give away awesome stuff.

  2. YAY!!! I *finally* won some Jenny jewelry! I am going to have an awesome mail week this week! :-D Thank you, Shauna and Jenny!! Shauna -- HAVE A BABY! ;-)

  3. Hey you!! How are you?? I am so excited about your new little one! Hope all goes well Shauna! Thanks for coming by today :o)


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