spotted: hot stache necklace, by Lemon Kissed!

Look!! A lovely customer's sister was lucky enough to get a Stache necklace made by Lemon Kissed for the holidays - and doesn't she make it look fun and amazing!? SEEEEEE, facial hair on ladies CAN be incredibly cute!! I told you so.

Thanks for sending me the picture, Adriane, and thanks to Natalie for wearing it so well! I hope you enjoy it!


the nest.

I just had to share my two newest additions to my home - and both from Etsy, of course.

I have been trying to decorate my room for forever - it's always the last on the to-do list, and I wanted something I loved, not just something I liked. Finally, I got this print, On Guard, that I had been swooning over, from Jaimee at Modern Classics Paper and knew right away that I wanted a special frame for it.

I just recently found this frame, in an 8 inch by 8 inch square size, at DA Custom Frames, and I couldn't be more pleased. The frame is the perfect color, and is made so well. I love supporting handmade.

Just had to share these two Etsy shops with you. It would feel wrong keeping it a secret, and I can't handle guilt. Sharing is too much fun!


Lemon Kissed Holiday Sale

The holidays are fast approaching. I'm assuming that all of you know this already. I felt panicky in September when standing in line at the craft store, watching them put out the Christmas decorations - I thought that was TOO soon. But now, now it's time to get the holiday preparations done.

Lemon Kissed is ready to help you get some holiday shopping done, and we're ready to help you save some money at the same time. (Yes, you're totally welcome. No problem. You're worth it!).

Our HOLIDAY SALE will run from THIS Friday (tomorrow) November 19th and will end on December 1st.

We are offering a Buy 1, Get another for 50% off!! (of equal or lesser value). There are no limits. So buy 4 items and get 50% off 2 of them. And shipping is still free. You can't beat that with a stick!!

(Your refund will come after payment, via PayPal, or contact me via email or convo and we'll get you all set up!)

Come over to Lemon Kissed, see what is new, and get your holiday shopping done. And don't forget to get yourself a little something, too! You deserve it. You do.


November Giveaway: The Stache Necklace.

Lemon Kissed is ready for my favorite month: November, and no, it's not just because it is my birthday month (hint, hint). I can't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than by giving a lucky winner one of my favorites from my Lemon Kissed shop.

One lucky reader is going to win Lemon Kissed's The Stache Necklace !! Lucky! And what perfect timing for Movember!!

Up for grabs: Lemon Kissed's The Stache necklace.

This is perfect to keep for yourself or give as a gift. If you do give it as a gift, be warned, the recipient will expect every other present you give them in the future to be just as awesome. There's always a price for giving someone the coolest present they've ever received.

The necklace will make you cooler than the rest, but subtly, so you don't hurt feelings, because that's not nice.

Sterling silver necklace measures 18 inches in length and the black mustache is .37 inches x 1.5 inches.

Entries + Rules (The Nitty Gritty)

MANDATORY STEP: Earn 1 entry by leaving a comment on this giveaway post saying what your favorite item is in Lemon Kissed's Etsy shop. REMEMBER: THIS STEP IS MANDATORY! (+1)

For an additional entry, become a FACEBOOK FAN, and you'll receive 1 entry. Just come back and tell me you're a fan. If you are already a fan, just leave a comment telling me this, and pat yourself on the back for being rad. Oh, and I'd love it of you suggested my page to your friends!! (+1)

Earn an extra entry by following this blog!! Let me know if you are already a follower. (+1)

Earn additional entries by mentioning the giveaway on Twitter, your blog, or your facebook status. If you do that, come back and leave me an additional comment telling me that you did so. (Please remember to make a new comment for each additional entry!)

Earn an additional 10 entries if you purchase something from Lemon Kissed's Etsy shop. This cannot be a past-purchase. Please leave a comment if you purchase an item and once the transaction has been confirmed, you will receive your additional 10 entries! (+10)

Winner will be chosen randomly using the Random Number Generator www.random.org

When posting comments, please make sure I know how to get in contact with you if you win!

This giveaway begins as soon as it is posted, and ends on my birthday, Sunday (11/14), at 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time. The winner will be announced on Monday (11/15). Please respond to my email/contact within 2 days of winning, or I will visit the Random Number Generator and pick a new winner. Hard core.

Giveaway is open to US and Canada residents only this time around - thanks!

Good luck, friends! Don't forget to spread the word.

UPDATE - 11-17-2010 - WE HAVE A WINNER!

A very special CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa B for being the winner of the giveaway. The Random Number Generator chose lucky number 27! Thanks to everyone for playing - was it fun?!


Lemon Kissed Referral Program

Want to get free money just for referring customers to Lemon Kissed?

Well, you can!

For every customer you refer to Lemon Kissed, you will receive $5 off your next purchase with Lemon Kissed. You can save those credits up or use them as you get them - but either way, I want to thank you for spreading the word about Lemon Kissed.

How does it work!?

When you refer a friend or family member, and they make a purchase from my Lemon Kissed Etsy Shop, have them leave YOUR name in the notes to seller box, found during the check-out process. I will log your name in my records, and also, will let you know that you have a credit, if you wish to be informed. These credits don't expire, and can be combined, or used alone.

The more customers you refer, the more $$ you get to spend with Lemon Kissed!

Say you refer 3 friends (who all make purchases, and list your name as the referrer), you then have $15 to spend in the shop!

How do you redeem your Referral Credits?

When you're ready to use your credits in the shop, or if you want to check your credit balance, simply email me through Etsy, or via email (LemonKissed at gmail dot com), and I can either set up a special listing for you, or you go ahead and shop, and I'll issue a refund via PayPal. Your choice!

Again, thank you so much for referring friends, family, enemies, moms and more to Lemon Kissed. I sure do appreciate ya!!




I'm back!

Lemon Kissed is on Twitter! That's right, I'm trying Twitter out again. Want to follow me? I'd love it. It makes me feel loved.

You can find me on Twitter right here, @lemonkissed.

Amazing print found from KeepCalmShop on Etsy.


Lovelies to Love: gifts for $25 and under

Lovely shops and items, from left to right:

1. 'barefoot and pregnant' hand-printed linen cotton tea towel. from wildrosesgrow. $14.
What isn't there to love about this?! I'm so grateful I'm no longer barefoot and pregnant. Well, at least not the pregnant part. This towel is brilliant. The whole shop - amazing.

2. designer cupcake liners (50) in purple and white polka dots. from mysweetwhimsy. $4.25.
I am so in love with purple lately - and I see it everywhere I turn! And combine my new love of purple with my new love of baking - BAM! - these cupcake liners are perfectly perfect.

3. women's hostess apron PDF pattern. from everydaychic. $8.
I love half aprons. I could never have enough. The only thing, I always make my mom sew them for me... until now! I think it's time to be a big girl and buy a pattern and make some aprons, for me and for friends!

Hope you love the selections today, I know I do! And remember: GO DUCKS!!


so tasty

lemon drop studio was really lacking something until a week or so ago. It was lacking something that even my new shop Lemon Kissed already had. How did I go so long without a MUSTACHE PRINT in my shop?! How'd you guys let me get away with that!? I partially blame you. Well, I don't. It's my fault. But the point is... mustaches are here, and more are on the way.

Yesterday I dropped by my favorite coffee shop, Insomnia Coffee Company, which is EVER SO CONVENIENTLY located across the street from my home. Literally. (This is the same place that makes the chai tea latte that made me cry it was so good - seriously). They are such a great place - yummy, friendly and fun, and their location by my home is decorated with mustaches --- so I had to be a friendly neighbor and drop off a mustache print for them.

Here it is:

And the fun thing... you guys can have a mustache print, too. You get to choose your colors and your text, and the font, if you want. And remember, it's a printable now, so you choose the size and you may print as many as you'd like. Make them into gifts for the holidays like mugs, note cards and prints. We all know a mustache lover or two, right!?

Currently the mustache print resides in the FEATURED PRINT section of the shop - which means it's $10 rather than $15. This won't last long!

Okay, that's it for me this morning. I'm taking advantage of this sunny Thursday and packing my 4 year old and my 7 month old and my sister-in-law in the car and we're going to the beach! Enjoy your Thursday and I'll see you guys tomorrow!



Etsy Shop Love: Eclectic Whatnot

This Ruffled dSLR Camera Strap Cover in Blue Serenity by Eclectic Whatnot is definitely at the TOP of my wish-list for my birthday this year.

{Photo from Eclectic Whatnot's Etsy Shop}

I love how simple and lovely it is. The blue is perfect. And I know it would just look oh-so-amazing around my precious neck!

Check out the rest of Eclectic Whatnot's Etsy Shop - it's full of wonderful camera strap covers. I love so many of them, and I know you will, too!

Piper earrings in action!

Just wanted to show off how cute my friend Marie is in the Piper earrings in AQUA.

Currently the aqua is sold-out in
Lemon Kissed's shop, but more will be listed soon. To tide you over until the aqua arrive, eggplant purple and white are still available in the Piper style.

Lovelies to Love: gifts for $25 and under

Lovely shops and items, from left to right:

1. pure organic mineral eye powder in slate. from . From orglamix. $4.99.
Isn't the color just amazing?! and you'd better be putting make up on your pretty face that's organic!! I can't wait to shop with orglamix!

2. extra moisturizing face lotion. From shopredleaf. $10.00.
I have this and use it every day in the orange sherbet scent. I swear by this moisturizer!!

3. 'grace' natural soy candle in travel tin - 8 oz size. From BarefootBathandBody. $9.00.
This sounds heavenly! I can't wait to try the candles from Barefoot Bath and Body! I already know I love the solid perfumes.


Callie earrings in action!

I just had to share a picture my friend Marie sent me this morning of her wearing her Callie Earrings made by Lemon Kissed!! Aren't they cute? Isn't she lovely?

We have one more pair of Callie Earrings left - perfect with any outfit, and perfect for fall.

We'd LOVE to see pictures of our customers wearing their jewelry! If you have pictures you want to share, please email them to me at LemonKissed@gmail.com or you can upload them on our facebook fan page!!

BOGO: printable sale!

Today and tomorrow (9/27 and 9/28), lemon drop studio will be having a sale for our blog readers and facebook fans!


Buy any printable from lemon drop studio's Etsy shop and choose any 2nd printable from the shop for FREE. This applies to ANYTHING in the shop.

To take advantage of this special sale, please purchase your first printable and then in the "notes to seller" box at checkout, please specify which additional printable you'd like to receive for FREE!

This is the perfect time to get some holiday gifts taken care of. Rumor has it that December is shockingly close.


Featured Print

Each week I am selecting a printable print or invite from my lemon drop studio Etsy shop and putting it in the "Featured Print" section of the shop. This print will be marked down to $10. You get to choose your colors, the size and text and then I email you a high-resolution PDF and it is yours to print over, and over and over some more.

This week's Featured Print is: I Carry Your Heart.

Perfect for birthdays, holidays, weddings, engagements, a new child,an to be made into notecards and more. The possibilities are endless. Let us customize yours, and then have FUN!

what's new at Lemon Kissed?

1. Kearsie.

2. Macey.

3. Taryn.

I'm beginning to wonder if I name all my pieces with girls names because I'll never have a daughter... Something to think about, right?

Lovelies to Love: gifts for $25 and under

Now that it's Autumn and we're finally slipping back into a routine, it's time to get back to blogging. [Picture me all cozy and warm, curled up in my chair, with a cup of hot chocolate and my house clean].

Today I want to introduce you to a new post I'll do continually called Lovelies to Love - and all of them are goodies that are $25 and under. I hope you find new lovelies to love!!

Lovely shops and items, from left to right:

1. hand-embroidered coffee cup sleeve. you even get to build your own!! the possibilities are endless. From Pillowhead. $9.50

2. Bit-O-Honey topaz glass earrings. perfect color and style for the autumn season. From Faeried Treasures. $12.00

3. zipper pouch bag in Yellow Bird on Brown Spots. I adore this shop, and the seller, perfect gifts for you or your friends. From Quiltish. $17.00


The Stache.

Mustache oh mustache,
you are so cute on my neck
majestic and bold

okay, so I'm not awesome at writing haikus, but it's honorable to at least try, right?!

You know what IS awesome? Lemon Kissed's newest necklace: The Stache.

Don't even pretend like you don't want one on your neck. Hair on your chest has never looked so hot. I swear.

Pardon the terrible self-portrait early morning picture - but I was too excited to wait.Italic

Details: The necklace is a cute acrylic mustache (available in white or black), and is on an 18 inch sterling silver necklace. As always, it comes in a kraft jewelry gift box, all packaged up cute, ready to give to yourself, or to someone else.



Lemon Kissed has made another necklace, and it's another one that I want to keep.

This is Jolie. It is a moss green leather cord necklace with clasp closure, and a wooden filigree tree pendant - perfect for the autumn season that is quickly approaching. Super light-weight and casual, this necklace will complete any outfit!

I will be listing a few more Jolie necklaces in the shop very soon - with different leather cord colors, like black, cerulean blue and buckskin. I can't wait to share them with you!

lemon drop studio changes!

Summer is over. At least it feels like it. It's the Tuesday after our long Labor Day Weekend and it's pouring down rain here in the suburbs of Portland. The air smells lovely and clean, and change is in the air. We are coming upon my favorite season - Autumn. I love the cool, crisp, clear days that fall brings, and the oranges, greens and browns that fill my closet. I'm ready to put the swimsuits and capris in storage and pull out the sweaters, tall socks and the hot chocolate mix. It's time to quit painting the toes hot pink and find the crimson reds and browns.

Surely I can't be alone in craving changes, adjustments, reorganization and new routines at this time, right?

lemon drop studio has done some changing in our Etsy shop. Have you noticed?

lemon drop studio is now a shop full of printable prints and invitations. $15 buys you any customized print, in any size, and it's yours to print as many times as you would like. My favorite part about this change is that it gives me more time to create new prints and invites, AND my customers can still make the prints completely theirs by choosing the fonts, colors and more. I'm excited about it. Are you?

Also, each week lemon drop studio is going to have a different FEATURED PRINT, and for that week, it's only $10. You can still customize it and everything, it's just a way of saying THANK YOU for being such wonderful bloggy and Etsy pals.

I hope this blog post finds all of you doing great, and hoping that you, too, are ready for Autumn.



Lemon Kissed Sale - Today (Friday, 9/3)

Lemon Kissed fans - today is your day!! Today all of the flower post earrings (dahlias, chrysanthemums, lotuses, and mini roses) are on sale! This never happens!!

Regularly $12, today only, they are $10 per pair! This includes free shipping, and a free gift box, all wrapped up!

Stock up now and have gifts for anyone on hand! I am totally thinking holiday gifts, because you know what, I hate to say it, but December is only 2 months away!!

Click here to see all your choices!!

Pay via PayPal and I'll refund your sale $ via PayPal within 4 hours after your purchase! This sale is good today only. No special codes needed!


lemon drop studio news

My dear, lovely lemons!

Good evening, beauties. I hope this post finds you doing well. You're looking as awesome and beautiful as always.

lemon drop studio is making some changes. This wasn't an easy decision, but for the time being, it's best for me and my family. As of tonight, I am taking a break from custom silhouettes. Doing this will free up more time to create more printables for lemon drop studio as well as create more jewelry for Lemon Kissed, and most importantly, it gives me more time to spend with my sweet family.

I have LOVED doing custom silhouettes - they were always my favorite, but I haven't found a way to get more time out of the day, and something had to give. I want to thank all of my custom silhouette clients - I feel so honored to have had the chance to create amazing keepsakes for all of you!

Still interested in silhouettes and not sure where to go!? I have an answer! Jaimee at Bushel and Peck Paper has given me the green-light to refer clients to her for their custom silhouette needs... and guess what?! She's so super nice and wonderful and talented, so you'll love her just as much as you adore me, maybe even more!! You can go take a look at all Jaimee and Bushel and Peck Paper has to offer on Etsy here!

Stay tuned for other fun announcements about lemon drop studio - I'm excited to share them with you!!


NEW printable invitations

lemon drop studio is working hard to create more and more printable invitations to stock the Etsy shop - giving all of you lots more choices and excuses to have parties!

Here are our newest designs:

You can see all of lemon drop studio's printable invitations and announcements here.


ready for fall!

Lemon Kissed has been thinking AUTUMN a lot lately, and I think it is reflected in the latest pieces that I've made. I am really loving the silver plated leaf charm right now - if you couldn't tell!

The top picture is Devin. A bracelet (3 separate strands), with magnetic closures, and a leaf charm adorning one of the strands. I like the versatility of this one - you can wear a single strand, double up, or wear all three for a nice, fun, bold statement! With all the fun colors, it is sure to match whatever you're wearing.

The middle picture shows my Callie dangle earrings. I love these! I think I am definitely making me a pair of my own soon. (This is happening quite frequently with what I've been creating!). Simple enough to wear everyday, but pretty and bold enough to be your statement piece.

The last picture is my Sam bracelet. She's already been sold (to Trask's cousin Sam!!), but I just had to share the pairing of my turquoise beads and the lighter green round beads, and of course, my leaf charm. LOVE this one, too!

Be on the lookout for new goodies coming to Lemon Kissed very soon! I'm going to be working on braided fabric bracelets and necklaces. You won't want to miss them - the perfect price point for gifts for friends, teachers, party favors. stocking stuffers or to buy a bunch for yourself!

Talk soon and Happy Thursday!

PS: Oh! and we're not the only ones ready for fall! Check out this treasury of all the autumn goodies - including our Callie dangle earrings!


Halloween - just around the corner!

lemon drop studio is getting ready for Halloween - are you?

We just designed and listed our first Halloween party invitation printable - and you can see it in the shop now!!

Our printables are easy! Just purchase the design you want, and email me your color and text choices and your party specifics and I'll send you a proof of your invite. Once we have it finalized and just perfect, I email you a high-resolution file and you can print wherever you want! Easy peasy!!

Be on the lookout for more printables coming to our shop - lots more!! And if there's a design or occasion you want to see that we haven't done, feel free to drop us a line!!

Have a happy weekend~
Shauna + the lemon bunch


Piper earrings in 3 colors

Lemon Kissed just put a few of our Piper earrings up in the shop - in three different colors: eggplant purple, white (pictured above) and tangelo.

The first pair of eggplant colored earrings sold within a few minutes (thanks, Crystal!), so if you want them, snag a pair or two before they are gone!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday evening and a lovely weekend. If you haven't already, don't forget to enter Lemon Kissed's giveaway, hosted by Winn. You can enter here. Good luck!!

Lemon Kissed giveaway at WendiWinn!

Lemon Kissed is giving one lucky winner their choice of earrings for free over at WendiWinn. Go tell Winn that I sent you and enter today! Good luck!! The giveaway ends August 27th (Carsten's 6 month birthday!!)

Hugs and Happy Friday Wishes,


bridal parties

Lemon Kissed just finished up a lovely order for a beautiful soon-to-be bride and and all of her bridesmaids. She chose the Lotus post earrings, all in coral, and I can't wait to ship all of the earrings to her! I feel so lucky that I got the chance to be involved in a small way on her big day!! Congratulations, Allison!

Did you know that you can receive discounts with Lemon Kissed when you order in quantities of more than 6 pairs of earrings? Contact me with any projects or questions - I'm more than excited to help!

You can email me at LemonKissed@gmail.com

Have a Happy Tuesday!



That's What She Said print - on sale 2 days only!

For today and tomorrow only (August 11th and 12th) - lemon drop studio is putting our That's What She Said print on special sale*. $10 buys you any size print, and you can buy as many as you'd like. Remember, you can customize them by choosing your own colors, too. FUN! Use this sale as an opportunity to shop for yourself or others and save some serious cash (up to $8 per print savings).

When checking out, just mention TWSS SALE and I'll refund your money via PayPal once you've completed your transaction with both Etsy and PayPal. If you need a different size that's not listed in the shop, please email me or convo me and tell me what size you need, or just purchase the listing in the shop and let me know your size preference in the 'notes to seller' box upon checking out.

Feel free to pass the savings on to your friends and family!! This sale is only good today and tomorrow, and it ends at midnight!

*Sale does not include shipping.

Thanks so much and happy shopping!

back to business!

The family and I just got back from camping in Central Oregon and I'm well-rested and ready to get back into the swing of things. I haven't had much time to create on my computer, but I have had time to make new earrings!

I just listed these Piper earrings in a fun, lacy metal filigree in eggplant purple and they sold within minutes (thanks, Macey!). I will have more of them (in a few color choices like silver, eggplant and mustard) soon!

These are the Rachel dangle, and they are still available in the shop - I have two pair. They are an awesome sage green, with the perfect patina, making them look super relaxed and casual, and are perfect for summer and fall!

I hope everyone is having a happy August. I am trying to savor the last of summer, but am really looking forward to the weather, color and routine that autumn brings!!

Stay happy and I'll blog more soon!


while I'm gone... a giveaway

Hop on over to Letters From Coco and enter to win a pair of earrings from Lemon Kissed and a print from lemon drop studio!! The winner will be announced this Friday (tomorrow), so you should get movin'!!

See you all on Monday when I'm back from Suttle Lake.



on vacation!

Both shops lemon drop studio and Lemon Kissed are going to be closed Thursday, August 5th through mid-day Monday, August 9th.

I will be spending time with my wonderful family at Suttle Lake in central Oregon - one of my most favorite places, ever. I am hoping that this trip will help me relax and have fun, and to take my mind off the day-to-day, while inspiring new lines for each shop.

Hugs and High Fives!


Sadie. my first necklace.

I just got done making Sadie, my first necklace. Well, I made it awhile ago, but I finally listed it in Lemon Kissed's shop.

I wanted to keep it. I still do. BUT I know that my sweet Carsten will think it's his for the tugging, chewing and pulling, so it is up in the shop, ready to go to a lovely home, free from the hands of a wild, crazy-eyed 5 month old baby!

Here's her info:

Sadie. A Spiral Shell and Leather Cord with clasp closure necklace.

The Sadie necklace is laid back, simple and beautiful, just like me. I mean, just like you.

Leather cord measures 18 inches in length and the spiral shell is nearly 2 inches.

Shipping is ALWAYS free, because you're so rad. And your necklace will come in a kraft jewelry box, tied with a pretty piece of fabric or ribbon, ready to give as a gift or keep for yourself.


Etsy's Front Page

Lemon Kissed was lucky enough to be featured on the front page of Etsy today, amongst a bunch of pretty cool items! My Bella dangle earrings in sage were the lucky ladies to be featured! A HUGE thank you to Kristi of Zuzu Girl for letting me know that they were up there - you're the greatest, Kristi!

The Bella dangle earrings are pretty fun - they are made from dyed volcanic lava (pumice) and the colors and texture are just amazing!

I am having a lot of fun with Lemon Kissed, and am in the process of getting ready to start necklaces, too. Think clusters of awesome goodness - and then you'll have the same vision in your head as I do.


{love this shop!} StephieMc Designs

Just got my 2 Tiny Tags necklace in the mail from StephieMc and I'm in Heaven!

What I love most about this necklace is that it's not super frilly or fancy. It's simple, it's fun, and it has Carsten and Taylor on the tags. I love the hammered edges on the tags and just the cleanliness of the design. I opened up the envelope, took note of the cute packaging, and then put the necklace on my neck right away. So far Carsten hasn't yanked at it at all - he saves his yanking for my hair and my neck skin!

I'm not a new customer to StephieMc Designs, and this won't be my last order. Each and every time I am more than delighted by my purchase - and Stephanie is so super sweet, too! Make sure you go and check out her Etsy shop when you can. (Like right now!).

Thanks Steph!!!

Have a happy weekend!

Lemon Kissed: new earrings in the shop!

Lemon Kissed is excited to introduce these little ladies, starting from the top left and heading clockwise:

1. Molly

2. Bella in sage

3. and Karlie in jade

4. Bella in ocean blue


fun, cute, green packaging

Do you have tons of fabric scraps just laying around? Don't throw them out! Turn your fabric scraps into cute packaging - like Lemon Kissed does!!

I've always LOVED fabrics, and have always searched and searched for reasons to buy brilliant patterns and designs, but really lack sewing skills. And space to sew. However, that does not stop me from hoarding away fat quarters from wonderful designers like Amy Butler and Michael Miller. Instead, I've decided that fabric makes the perfect ribbon to package my jewelry boxes!

I love the way the fabric looks tied around the kraft jewelry box. It looks great, and is using pieces of material that some people would just throw away!! Plus, fabric just makes the best bows - much easier for me than using ribbon!

The next gift you need to wrap, save the Earth and some money and just look through your fabric! You can even go the extra mile and wrap your gift using a paper bag from the grocery store!! The earth will thank you!


{free printable} I Heart Shoes

lemon drop studio loves all of you so much, and to show you how much you're appreciated and adored, we've starting to create free printables just for you! Feel free to print as many as you'd like. You may frame them, give them away as gifts but may not sell them for your own profit. If you missed the first printable, Stop and Smell the Flowers, you may snag it here.

This is our second free printable - and it's one that I think a lot of ladies will love!
Enjoy the second printable from lemon drop studio: I Heart Shoes.

Click on the image to make it bigger, save it to your desktop and then print and enjoy.

Enjoy and if I get enough feedback, I'll keep them coming!!



sneak peek!

These have yet to be listed, let alone named - but I wanted to share the newest earrings that WILL be in the shop shortly!!

They are wooden, so they are super lightweight. I love how natural and simple they look - beautiful.

I will try to get a picture of me in mine up soon, too, for a size reference, but that means I should wash my hair, huh?! What do you guys think?!

newest colors at Lemon Kissed

From top left, going clockwise, here are the newest colors at Lemon Kissed.

1. Purple Perfection Mini Rose Earrings

2. Glamorous Grey Lotus Earrings

3. Oh So Cute Orange Mini Rose Earrings

4. Tempting Teal Lotus Earrings


{love this shop!} me and matilda

Since I've joined the EtsyKids Team, I'm finding more and more wonderful Etsy shops that I feel I MUST share with all of you, in case you haven't seen them yet!

Today I wanted to introduce you to Me and Matilda - where they specialize in custom neckties, bow ties and wedding accessories - and believe me, they are all cuuuuuute!

Being a mama to two adorable boys, I can't wait to put the boys in little neck ties and taking their pictures - I'm thinking hipster, nerd, prep all mixed into one!

I hope you guys love this shop as much as I do!!

* Photo credit: pictures are borrowed from Me and Matilda's Etsy shop.


{free printable} Stop and Smell the Flowers

lemon drop studio loves all of you so much, and to show you how much you're appreciated and adored, we're starting to create free printables just for you! Feel free to print as many as you'd like. You may frame them, give them away as gifts but may not sell them for your own profit.

Enjoy the first printable from lemon drop studio: Stop and Smell the Flowers.

Click on the image to make it bigger, save it to your desktop and then print and enjoy.

Size: 5x7

Enjoy and if I get enough feedback, I'll offer more!!



Lemon Kissed: new earrings in the shop!

Just spent the afternoon and evening taking pictures of our newest earrings for Lemon Kissed.

We've added Mini Chrysanthemums and Mini Roses to our inventory, in fun and lovely colors like raspberry, turquoise, ivory and blue skies, just to name a few.

Buy any pair for $12 and get each pair after that for $10 each! And remember, because you're so incredibly good-looking, shipping is free! Always!