little lovelies

I needed a little pick-me-up today, and these little lovelies from different Etsy sellers did just the trick! Don't you just love them all? They put a smile on my face just looking at them, so I imagine that having one or all of these little lovelies would be that much better!

Starting at the top left square, and moving clockwise, I'd love to introduce you to these items and their shops on Etsy. Go leave them some love!

1. Dainty Blooms Headband by Zuzu Girl

2. Leather and Sterling Silver Statement Cuff by Silver Made Studio

3. 5 Camera Bags by Hooray Design Shop

4. The Family Necklace with Bezel Set Swarovski Crystal by StephieMc


  1. Thanks for including Hooray! Lovely collection of items.

  2. Thanks so much for including my headbands! I'm so glad I could help lift you up if only just a bit. Hope the little one is doing better soon...

  3. Thanks for including my necklace too!!! Love your blog and your work!!


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