gift solution!

lemon drop studio gets tricked each and every year by a few people when it comes to making or buying them a gift. You know the type I am talking about, right?! The person that has everything, or the person who doesn't like anything, or the person who never gives you an idea, and lastly, the person who says 'oh, you know me, I'll like whatever you pick out!'.

Doesn't that just drive you mad!? Do you walk around in a panicked daze, just trying to figure out what they want?! Do you find yourself peeking through their car or house for hints?! Stop the creepiness now! lemon drop studio has a solution!

Solution is: Mustache Note Card Flats. They are funny, cute, practical, and rad. Also, they are great for multi-tasking. You can write a letter, but also hold it up under your nose if someone walks by that you want to hide from or avoid.

Mustache Note Card Flats are new and starting to make their way into lemon drop studio's etsy shop this week! We will have a few color options, but one thing remains the same: the mustaches will be awesome. Each set comes with 5 note card flats and 5 envelopes. You will receive a "mustache sampler", with each 'stache being different from the other, but still totally cool. They may differ from the mustache examples shown in the pictures.

So go ahead. Scratch the difficult, hard-t0-buy-for person off your list once you buy these note cards! You'll be so happy you did! Phew! The pressure... can you feel it melting!?

Happy Holidays from lemon drop studio!


  1. you are a mustache princess! those are fabulous!

  2. These are so funny! You are a clever, clever girl!

  3. very cute! they make a great gift! :)


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