{Giveaway Love} Amena Bean Bath Baby

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{Giveaway Love Guest}: Amena Bean Bath Baby

Presenting our
18th Giveaway Love Giveaway, from Elaine, owner of Amena Bean Bath Baby found on etsy.

Up for grabs: Beana's Salty Sea Scrub in Relaxing Lavender 6.7 oz

Looking for a beautiful item for yourself or a friend? Look no further, this salty scrub is for bath or shower. Made with the finest jordan sea salt and small amount of epsom salt, it smells fantastic!

It looks wonderful as well, Amena has added some of her personal lavender out of her garden to compliment the scent. Made with real lavender essential oil and an array of oils to make your skin silky smooth, no need to lotion after this one!

Please mix upon reciept and do not use on cuts or scrapes and the same day you shave!! Also, be careful, may make slippery surfaces....

Relax with Bean!


Entries + Rules
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Earn additional entries by mentioning the giveaway on Twitter, your blog, facebook status, etc. If you do that, come back and leave me an additional comment telling me that you did so. (Please remember to make a new comment for each additional entry! Entries are unlimited.)

Winner will be chosen randomly using the Random Number Generator www.random.org

When posting comments, please make sure I know how to get in contact with you if you win!

This giveaway begins as soon as it is posted, and ends Thursday (10/22), at 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time. The winner will be announced on Friday (10/23), when the next giveaway is posted. Please respond to my email/contact within 2 days of winning, or I will visit the Random Number Generator and pick a new winner. Hard core.

Good luck, friends! Don't forget to spread the word.

And a HUGE THANK YOU to Elaine of Amena Bean Bath Baby for this wonderful donation! You are simply the best, Elaine!

If you would like to take part in donating one of your talents to Giveaway Love, please contact me. Always looking for fun things to giveaway to my reader and help Etsians gain more shop exposure!


  1. My new house has a GIANT claw foot tub and I need that to help me relax. I wanna win. Thanks.

    PS: For Winn, my word verification was BACONS.

  2. Thank you for the giveaway. I would like to win :D


  3. This sounds divine. What is not divine is the number 3, which the RNG is surely not going to choose.

  4. Hi, I have a close friend who has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, her husband has lost his job and they have two young sons.
    This would be a wonderful surprise
    gift for her.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  5. I posted your giveaway on Twitter!
    Thanks very much!

  6. Also, I posted your giveaway on Facebook.
    Again, thanks very much.....Cindi

  7. If I win that is going to be for me,me,me ! Looks so wonderful, I would love to try it.

  8. What a lovely giveaway, I could certainly use it.



  9. Liked your giveaway. I love to win this :D

  10. You have such an awesome giveaway. Thank You for the chance to win :)

  11. Sounds great! If I win I don't know if I'll keep it or gift it, but it will be enjoyed either way!

  12. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my product.
    Amena bean makes all her yummies fresh for you.
    We also make cute baby gifts! Feel free to hit us up @
    The winner will receive the product in 7 days or so...

  13. Oh yeah...
    Thank you Shauna...your the best! Hugs!


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