big etsy giveaway!


I am about ready to change your life, and hit you with some knowledge.

You'll want to go check out Lemon Tree Studio's blog before Sunday, October 18th. A fantastic giveaway was put together, featuring 10 wonderful Etsy shops (lemon drop studio included). One lucky winner will win a $10 gift certificate to each Etsy shop! You get them all! If you are terrible at math, that's $100 worth of awesome from these etsy shops!

You have 11 chances to win, and if one of my blog readers happens to be the winner, I promise I won't harass you and beg for a few of your gift certificates. Pinkie swear.

A huge THANK YOU to Shelly of Lemon Tree Studio for including lemon drop studio in the amazing giveaway goodness! It's truly an honor!

Good Luck!

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