darling facial hair

So, did the blog title grab your attention? I sure hope so. It's not one you find on lemon drop studio's blog all too often.

I have talked about the felt mustaches in lemon drop studio's shop before, I believe, but just wanted to showcase them again in case anyone missed them.

lemon drop studio specializes in barbershop mustaches, made from a stiff, eco-friendly felt. The polyester in the felt comes from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. This gives us a piece of mind that we're doing a little bit to do our part and recycle. Mustaches are available in brown or black, or if you want a different color, feel free to ask. Grey might be funny!!

The best part about using the still felt is that you can do so many things with your mustache without it flopping all over your face. You can adhere them to magnets, ask lemon drop studio to put them on a wooden stick (great for family photos and wedding parties!), you can attach it to jump rings and make a pendant--- the list goes on and on.

I just finished up a custom order of 8 black mustaches that will be on their way to Colorado today. I love getting fun orders like this. So if you have a family reunion coming up, a Halloween costume in need of facial hair or just want to be silly - let lemon drop studio help you with your facial hair needs.

*disclaimer: my son does not really have a mustache, but look at how cute even little kids look when modeling lemon drop studio's mustaches.

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