{Giveaway Love} Winner

The Random Number Generator has spoken and gave me lucky number 9 for last week's Giveaway Love winner!

Comment #9: Winn, of the hilarious blog WendiWinn just won the Sydney's Sampler Pup Pack of doggie treats made by K9 Kreations by Kara.

Congratulations, Winn! You won! I will give Kara of K9 Kreations by Kara your information and the dog treats shall be yours. I highly recommend sharing them with your dog. BUT, you won them, so it's totally up to you!

Didn't win? Stay tuned because very soon the next giveaway for Giveaway Love will be posted! A big THANK YOU to Kara for the wonderful donation of dog treats, and also thank you to all who played!


  1. ok. um. if this were anything else, i might share it. mainly because i've won before.

    but dude. this is for doggy treats. and i'm taking them.

    they're mine. all mine. mine mine mine.

    thank you, famous shauna. and thank you, k9 kreations.

  2. Congrats Winn!!!! I hope your pup enjoys the delicious treats! :)


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