New Artist, New Week

Hey Little Lemon Lovers, thanks for coming back for another Monday feature: New Week, New Artist (or New Artist, New Week - say it however you want to!). If you missed the last New Week, New Artist Feature, you can see it here.

Thanks to all my readers for sticking around to see all the new + fun shops that are featured. And a huge THANK YOU to all of the Etsians that make these features possible. I love sharing all the talent with my readers!

Today I am going to introduce you to the great etsy shop MustardSeed by.Carollai. You guys must have figured out by now that I tend to love jewelry, and MustardSeed's jewelry is right up my alley. The pieces are just gorgeous, her photography is wonderful and the prices are perfect for purchasing gifts and treating yourself, as well!

Here's a little something from Carol of MustardSeed:

I truly enjoy what I am doing now. For the past year and a half, I have been looking for a full time art therapy job. About 5 months ago, I realized that while I "wait" for the right job to come along, I should enjoy the process of creating art. Wearable art! My shop, MustardSeed by.carollai has not only provided my hubby and I some extra income, but more importantly, it has become a creative outlet for me. A wonderful way for me to express myself.

I would love you to come on by my shop and take a look at my current designs. All of my jewelry is handmade with genuine stones and crystals that are of the highest quality. All items come packaged beautifully so it makes a wonderful gift for yourself or for someone you love. There is currently a sale going on so swing on by and check it out! :)

I definitely have some favorites at MustardSeed by.carollai, which I have pictured in this post, but there is so much more to look at. Make sure you go and check out her shop, and while you're at it, go look at MustardSeed's blog, as well, which is a beautiful blog, I admire it's design and simplicity. Just my style!

If you are looking for yet another wonderful etsy shop to find great necklaces, bracelets and earrings, I'd say MustardSeed should be at the top of your list!

Carol, I am so excited that you wanted to be a part of my blog feature - thank you! And thank you for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog - you're terrific!

My lovely lemons, thank you so much for coming back again! I hope you guys are enjoying all the wonderful features. They have been so much fun to do, and make Mondays a little more exciting! You know, something to look forward too! I'll see you all again soon! Thanks for reading!

If you have an etsy shop that you would like me to feature, or would like to nominate a shop to be featured, please email me at lemondropstudio@gmail.com and we'll get started. I like to have Monday features lined up a few weeks in advance.

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  1. The blue earrings are amazing! They would be so cute with a summery dress! Love it!

  2. thanks so much for featuring me! :) i truly appreciate it.

    also, i'd love to do something on your giveaway love blog as well... i enjoy giving away goodies.

    thanks! :D

  3. Yes, I love Carollai pieces, just my style too! congrats on the feature!

  4. Wow! What gorgeous jewelry and a gorgeous shop too :)

  5. great blog! i gave you an award - http://www.karaleeserra.com/blog/?p=289


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