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Hey Little Lemon Lovers, thanks for coming back for another Monday feature: New Week, New Artist (or New Artist, New Week - say it however you want to!). If you missed the last New Week, New Artist Feature, you can see it here.

Thanks to all my readers for sticking around to see all the new + fun shops that are featured. And a huge THANK YOU to all of the artists that make these features possible. I love sharing all the talent with my readers!

I have been anxiously waiting to feature this Etsy shop with you all for awhile now and I am so excited to share it with everyone!

Confessions of a Crochet Addict is one of the greatest shops I have found on Etsy, and I love Amber, the talent and master-mind behind the shop and all its treats and treasures.
Better yet, Amber is in Portland, Oregon - where awesome is everywhere you look.

I'll let Amber talk now... here she is:

I started crocheting on in April of 2006. My husband was traveling a lot for work and I randomly decided that I needed a hobby. I bought the Stitch n' Bitch Happy Hooker book and spent nearly 6 months crocheting myself in circles. I couldn't read a pattern to save my life! Thanks to one helpful friend and a lesson on single crochet, I made my first real hat on a road trip later that year. I was elated and ever since then I have crocheted everyday.

I named my shop Confessions of a Crochet Addict because it really seemed fitting to my situation. I like quick-work projects and have recently been challenged and delighted by amigurumi stuffed animals. I love giving them names and personalities. My favorite part of any project is the final outcome and seeing the look on the recipient's face or hearing someone say how much they love something that I created. I can truly say that 'I'm hooked'.

Confessions of a Crochet Addict is such a wonderful shop because of the variety, the fun, and the quality! I am speaking from experience! Amber has made my son Taylor a few hats, and she is my personal bear-maker - making teddies for me to have on hand to give as presents to all the babies and children I know. It's been incredible watching Amber create these precious keepsakes that have so much character and fun, and it's always a meaningful gift, special the the kidlets as well as to the parents. I can't stop ordering them! She is also famous for the kitty titties that she makes, which are a fave of mine, and I have purchased for a friend's cat, Sid, who is a fan!

Go check out Amber's shop: Confessions of a Crochet Addict. You'll find great hats, scarves, scarflettes, catnip toys, crocheted cacti, wash cloths, java cozies and more!! Amber has always been awesome at custom orders, too, and seems up to any challenge you give her, and she's just SO MUCH FUN! And she has a blog - coming soon! I'll share it with the world once it's ready!

Thank you Amber!! I really appreciate you being a part of New Artist, New Week! Thanks for being a wonderful friend, too! I hope everyone just loves your shop to pieces!

My lovely lemons, thank you so much for coming back again! I hope you guys are enjoying all the wonderful features. They have been so much fun to do, and make Mondays a little more exciting! You know, something to look forward too! I'll see you all again soon! Thanks for reading!

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  1. i love the hat & the little crocheted bowl, so cute!

  2. Great feature. I absolute adore her shop!

  3. Thanks for wanting to feature my shop, Shauna! I just realized the hat pictures my husband took today make me look sneaky. Ha ha!

  4. I love Amber... and her crocheted creations. I have been oogling them for months. Decision made: I am soon going to hit her up for something for my little girl.

  5. Sid does love his kitty titties, and it's hilarious to watch him bat them around!

  6. The Cacti are SO cute!! Love it all, Amber is amazing!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  7. These are gorgeous!!!

    Email address: vdoan2006@yahoo.com

  8. how cute are those little cactuses! Cacti? Adorable!


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