{eBook} Etsy: Advanced

Pssssst. Can I share a little secret with you? I can? Awesome. Why don't you sit down first, and then proceed with reading this. It's a doozie, and it's a wonderful doozie!

I was asked to look over an advanced copy of this great eBook called Etsy:Advanced. It is a phenomenal compilation of juicy Etsy selling tips, all put together in an organized, and aesthetically pleasing format!

lemon drop studio has been open on Etsy for over a year now, so I thought I was going to know most of the hints and tips - but alas, I was wrong! (It happens from time to time, I know...). I am so glad that I had a chance to see this eBook! I can't wait to put a ton of Jessica Schope's ideas to work!

Jessica Schope's eBook Etsy: Advanced gave me so many good ideas that will help my shop become better-known, and a lot of the tips are so easy to do. With all sorts of information on keywords and tagging your items, to when the best time would be to purchase a showcase, to knowing what the Etsy buyer is going to Etsy to find... this eBook has great insight, paired with data and statistics that makes it a truly wonderful, essential tool.

I'd say that if you are looking to improve your shop, then this eBook would be a wise investment to make your shop what you dream it to be.

Some of the great things you will learn from Etsy: Advanced are:
  • which colors sell better
  • when Etsy gets the most traffic
  • what day is the best for buying a showcase
  • what are Etsians' favorite flowers, colors and trees
For plenty of information on being an Etsy seller, I'd go right to Jessica Schope's website. You will find tons of free tips, and from there you can purchase the eBook Etsy:Advanced. I would highly recommend it!

Also, I know I have some jewelry makers out there that read this blog (whether they want to admit it or not...), so you should really take a look at Jessica Schope's 101 Ways to Market Your Online Jewelry Shop.

Jessica, thank you so much for giving me the chance to share your eBook Etsy: Advanced with my readers! I am so grateful to have this information, and I want to say THANKS!

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