new at lemon drop studio: color choices + prints

Greetings! I hope everyone is having a fun, sunny and relaxing weekend! I wanted to drop by to showcase a few new prints that have just been listed in lemon drop studio's etsy shop.

First is the Italian Greyhound Silhouette. This print was originally made for one of Trask's favorite clients, an enthusiastic Italian Greyhound owner, and now it's in the Etsy shop for all the dog lovers to admire.

Next is this fun T-Rex Silhouette that is ready to personalize with any child's name, and is perfect for the dino-lover in your life. I know there are tons of dino-enthusiasts out there. I have one residing in my home currently! The T-Rex also has his Brontosaurus buddy, too, so he'll never be lonely.

lemon drop studio now also has an expanded color palette! I used to have 15 colors to choose from, but have added more, so you now have 30 colors to mix and match - talk about fun!!

In addition to the new and improved color palette, a font choice list has been added, with 10 fun fonts to choose when customizing any print or silhouette from lemon drop studio's etsy shop.

Please check out lemon drop studio's newest blog feature, Giveaway Love. I am so excited to announce that EVERY Friday there will be a giveaway - and lots of chances to win! I never win giveaways, so I think I am meant to host giveaways! Please check back frequently to stay in the loop!

Thanks all! You guys make this so much fun!



  1. Love your new silhouettes! The expanded color choice are a great idea too!


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