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Hey Little Lemon Lovers, thanks for coming back for another Monday feature: New Week, New Artist (or New Artist, New Week - say it however you want to!). If you missed the last New Week, New Artist Feature, you can see it here. I am playing catch up, so I will be introducing you to 2 lovely artists with great etsy shops. Sorry for the delay, but better late than never. Believe me, you've all been on my mind, and I feel horrible for being late. Forgive me! Please.

Let me introduce to you a lovely shop, Mantra Gems. I discovered Mantra Gems from a friend on Twitter who nominated this shop to be featured. I promised to check out the shop, and when I did, I was pleased! You all know I love jewelry. You have to know this by now, and Mantra Gems is no exception. I am showcasing my favorites, but I highly recommend visiting Mantra Gems on etsy and choosing your own faves. And you know what, everything comes in the coolest looking bag for your purchase, which makes it that much more fun!
So, here's a little more about Mantra Gems and Carleen:

It's amazing even now, after years of teaching jewelry and owning a bead store, the effect a glistening strand of gemstones or the smooth reflective surface of metal, can have on me physically. As I evolve into the role of jewelry designer, I sometimes have a design in mind, but I find more likely these days, I let the moment at hand lead me creatively. It's a pleasant release after driving my kids to and from school, swimming, and play-dates. At nights, when everyone is tucked in their beds and the house is quiet, I step into my studio and have my special time playing with rocks and metal.

Now really, how fun does that sound?! I have picked a few of my favorites, like the sacred space necklace, the peace and love necklace, as well as the cascading droplet earrings - gorgeous!

I especially like Mantra Gems because a portion of proceeds is donated to charities that empower women in developing countries to become self-reliant through micro-finance loans and jobs + leadership training. So it's like gaining a great piece of jewelry and helping to make a difference at the same time! Genius!

You may visit Mantra Gems on Etsy, here, or you may go directly to their website, here. I do recommend going to Carleen's website, it's really fun and there are great pieces on there that I just know you guys will enjoy. Either way, you're bound to find something that you love, and you can even have something custom-made just for you! How cool is that? Very cool. The answer is very cool.

Carleen, thank you so much for allowing me to feature you on my blog, and I apologize from the bottom of my heart for being late!! I just adore your work and hope you keep it up!

My lovely lemons, thank you so much for coming back again! I hope you guys are enjoying all the wonderful features. They have been so much fun to do, and make Mondays a little more exciting! You know, something to look forward too! I'll see you all again soon! Thanks for reading!

If you have an etsy shop that you would like me to feature, or would like to nominate a shop to be featured, please email me at lemondropstudio@gmail.com and we'll get started. I like to have Monday features lined up a few weeks in advance.


  1. what a lovely new shop.
    thanks for sharing!
    I think I may have to own the sacred space necklace one of these days...hmmmm.....
    happy monday!!

  2. Lovely post!

    Have a great week ~~

    xo Laura

  3. a nice feature - especially like the last necklace.

  4. Beautiful necklaces!


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