busy, busy

I am so terribly sorry that I have been absent from my blogs lately - lemon drop studio has been busy, and that's a good thing, but you know what happened? We missed some New Artist New Week posts, so we have to play a little bit of catch up.

I will be featuring Mantra Gems and L7 Designs shortly, please stay tuned, and don't give up on me or fall in love with someone else. I promise I've been thinking about blogging. Pinky swear.

I will also soon be talking about lemon drop studio's most recent Artisan Fair over Mother's Day Weekend, and may have some pictures to share.

Oh, and also BIG NEWS about a 20% off everything, one-day sale coming up soon (Thursday, May 21st, 2009!!).

Off to go do my Etsy Feature blog post. Stay tuned.

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