Sweet Wish Note Cards Giveaway Winner

Hello little lemons!!

We have a WINNER for the Sweet Wish Note Cards Giveaway. The winner's name was just drawn out of a hat. Well, it wasn't a hat. It was actually a red mixing bowl from the kitchen. The spirit of the draw is still the same, however!

The winner is: Kiva... the lovely shop-owner of Farmstead Lady Designs on Etsy. Congratulations, Kiva! I am getting ready to email you now for details!

And guess what, you guys.... because you are all so awesome, I am drawing a second name as a runner up, who will receive a note card set of 3 from the Sweet Wish line.

The runner-up is: Girl Industries!

WAIT... you all win!!! We had a lot of entries and you guys did a great job tweeting, blogging and commenting - thank you so much. I would like to offer free shipping* on all orders from my lemon drop studio etsy shop for those who entered the giveaway. This offer will end Saturday, May 2nd, so get your orders in now.

Thank you oh so much for a fun giveaway, you are all terrific, fun, awesome and rad.

* to redeem your free shipping, use the code LEMON DROP GIVEAWAY in the notes to seller upon check-out. You may wait for an updated invoice from me, or go ahead and pay and I'll send you a refund for the shipping via PayPal. Your choice.


  1. i can't believe you drew names out of a bowl and you didn't even have the decency to pull my name out.

    are you sure you put my name in there?

    did you spell it correctly?

    w-i-n-n. or did you spell my name k-i-v-a?


  2. Oh wow! I'm a winner! Thank you so very much!

  3. Bummer! Better luck next time. :)
    Congrats to the lucky winners!

  4. :) winners are so happy. it makes me happy too!


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