mod mom-to-be digital baby shower invites

New. Rad. Modern. Amazing.

Four words that sum up lemon drop studio's latest - Mod Mom-to-Be digital baby shower invites. These beauties were created by me in Adobe Illustrator and they look oh-so-hip. (Is hip even cool to say anymore?!)

You guys, I have been on a roll today. I have been up since 3:45 am (it is now 6:45 pm) working on lemon drop studio prints, silhouettes and digital invitations. How many hours is that? Wait, I don't think I want to know. Trask told me my eyes are red. I haven't even looked in the mirror for hours. I don't know what know how I am still working and am not tired, and I don't even like coffee... perhaps I am magic. Not sure where this productivity and drive came from, but I like it.

So back to the Mod Mom-to-Be digital baby shower invites. They are in the etsy shop now. My favorite part about these fun invites are you can print as many as you want, wherever you want, however you want! lemon drop studio customizes the information to fit your party and changes the colors to match your color scheme and then sends you the file once the proof has been approved. BAM, it's that easy! You can then take the file anywhere and print however many you want! Or, they can even be posted to printing sites like Shutterfly or Snapfish. Cool, right? And what a deal at $12.


  1. I like the invite designs, you did a great job designing them. I hope they do well for you!

  2. really cute. :D i love it! it's great fun to see your different ideas and designs.

  3. Love your work.

  4. I love the new invite designs! Really fun!

  5. They're adorable!
    (AND hip :)


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