happy hedgehog invites

I'd like to introduce lemon drop studio's newest creation - happy hedgehog invites! These fun little guys will be in lemon drop studio's etsy shop soon, but I wanted to introduce them here, first.

How did the happy hedgehogs come to be, you ask? Well, my sweet friend Julie requested birthday party invites for her daughter Audrey's first birthday and I was excited to try it! Julie wanted a cute, simple and fun invitation, and didn't want a traditional animal - so she asked if I could do a hedgehog.

The happy hedgehog invites measure 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches and fit into an A2 envelope, which will be included with the invites, in several fun color choices.

And isn't the hedgehog such a cute choice?! I used to have a hedgehog as a pet, by the way, and you know what, they look a whole lot sweeter than they really are, or at least than what mine really was.

I will let you guys know when the happy hedgehog invites are in the shop. There will be a few options for them, like printing your own or having me print them, as well as fun color choices and customized text.

I can't wait! Can you?


  1. Oh my gosh I love hedgehogs! I don't have any kids...and I don't throw parties...someday, though.

  2. the little hedgehogs are soooo cute!! Love the different colors :)

  3. really adorable. Love the little balloon too!

  4. I think hedgehogs are so cute...love your little ones.

  5. LOVE IT! Thanks making these adorable invites for Aud.

    Thank goodness for Chocolate Fantasy 2009.

  6. btw, what was your hedgey's name?

  7. Wow...looking for invites for a hedgehog themed party for my daughter...these are perfect! I will keep my open on etsy for these.


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