{NEW} Super-Rad Friend's Club

Something new, something new...

Barbara Walters just loves lemon drop studio cards. Or she would if she received one. But she hasn't, yet. Make your friends feel like stars and send them a lemon drop studio card. It'll feel so good.

$45 gets you 'super rad friend's club' status. What does that mean, you ask? It means you become part of a club. A club that sends you 2 lemon drop studio cards to your home each month, for 6 months.

Cards will be sent the first week of each month. The first 2 cards will be sent upon payment, and then the following month you will receive your second set, and so on.

Random cards will be sent, but all will be lemon drop studio originals, nicely made with love and care and plenty of fun. Cards you may receive could be birthday cards, thank you cards, dude cards, celebrate cards, love cards and more.

You can go here, to my lovely little etsy shop, to check out the friends clubs. There are other club options as well, just look in the shop.

*PS: Barbara Walters doesn't know about lemon drop studio cards, but I think if she did, she'd like them.

*PPS: $45 is all you'll pay. That includes shipping each month - so no worries.

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