{dude cards}

Dude. Dude cards have been a hit! I can't keep them in the etsy shop for long, and people gobbled them up at the last event I was at, Chocolate Fantasy.

This dude card that I made today is an all-time favorite. I love the green and orange, the polka dots, and the simplicity, with a dash of ribbon. So fun. Dude, so fun.

It's in the etsy shop now, you can click right HERE to snatch this card up before she's gone.

PS: How was the dude card born, you ask?! It was born the day my husband Trask suggested that I send Winn a card that said 'dude' on the front, because she really loves the word dude. I did this. And she liked it. I wanted to impress her, because I want her to like me. I hope it worked. We've been talking ever since.

A BIG SHOUT OUT: Thanks so much, Randi, for scooping up the dude card! I'll have it in the mail for you today! Thanks, thanks! You guys, Randi is a lemon drop studio blog follower with an adorable blog herself... go check it out here.


  1. The colors are just great!
    congratulations on the success!

  2. sigh. i'm so disappointed. you know that they were made originally for me. trask told you to make the first one ever for me. you know that.


    you always skip over that part. as though i'm just a figment of your imagination. or. as though i just don't matter.

    excuse me whilst i weep.

  3. ok. i accept your ammendment.

    don't leave me out again. in the rain. in the cold. i hurt easily. well. not really.

  4. Well I just snatched it up! Very cute! I love the orange!


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