New Week, New Artist

Hey Little Lemon Lovers, thanks for coming back for another Monday feature: New Artist, New Week. If you missed last week's feature, you can see it here. We are now on our third week (hooray!), and today I am introducing you to Tanya and her business The Dirty Housewife. How can you not be intrigued by such a fun name, right?!

I met Tanya and The Dirty Housewife Etsy Shop a little while ago when Tanya ordered some of my scallops from lemon drop studio's shop to use with her packaging of the neatest soaps ever. I was hooked - she's too much fun not to feature, and her soaps are so beautiful and the scents - they have something for everyone! Enough of me, and more of Tanya of The Dirty Housewife...

I am a mother of a bitchy almost teenager (whom I truly adore), an ambitiously creative "stay at home mom" and a Dirty House Wife. My background is in the Beauty Industry, Herbology, and Photography + Arts.

I live with my husband, our daughter, 2 cats and 2 birds on the coast of New Hampshire. I am often sarcastic, I laugh A LOT, and would be lost as a human without animals. I think Fun is super Fun, my hands are always clean. I confess, I am a soap junkie, I cannot get enough. Ever. I think one of the best things in life to share are soaps, they just make people happy!

Thank you so much for coming back again! I hope you guys are enjoying all the wonderful features. They have been so much fun to do, and make Mondays a little more exciting! You know, something to look forward too! I'll see you all again soon! Thanks for reading! Don't forget to go visit The Dirty Housewife's shop, you'll be glad you did!


spring rain

It's finally spring and I couldn't be more excited! As a fan of every season except winter, I am delighted that spring is here, along with wonderful colors, fun patterns and flowers coming up!

The newest scalloped circles in lemon drop studio's etsy shop are inspired by the spring rain, and they are a new favorite! I love the fun geometric pattern on the sky blue scallops, and the rain boots (or wellies) are almost too cute to handle. It's dizzying, right?!

lemon drop studio has been lucky enough to get the coolest orders for scalloped paper circles - they are being used as cupcake toppers, packaging for soaps and picture frames as well as for scrap-bookers and card makers. I think you guys are all so clever for coming up with so many fun ways to use these scallops!

If you have purchased scallops from me in the past and want to share what you used them for, I'd love to see pictures! Maybe I should start a Flickr group. Would you guys be interested? Let me know and we'll see what we can do!

Off to look at the rainbow right outside my window - ahhh, spring feels so nice!

Have a happy weekend, lemon heads!


New Artist, New Week

Hey Lemon Heads, thanks for coming back for another Monday feature: New Artist, New Week. If you missed last week's feature, you can see it here. We are now on our second week, and today I am introducing you to the lovely Bridgett and her business Perideau Designs.

I am a huge fan of Perideau Designs, and have been immensely pleased by the quality of stationery and by Bridgett's warmth, friendliness and creativity. Let's stop with my babble and introduce Bridgett of Perideau Designs and her amazing work.

Hi there! I'm Bridgett, owner of Perideau Designs, a small stationery business run from my home studio in central Connecticut. I create stationery, favor tags, and prints that are simple + uncluttered yet fun + light-hearted. I am inspired by modern interior design, architecture, and random things. A note book is always with me to jot down any ideas I come up with when away from my computer.
When I'm not wearing the hat of entrepreneur, I am a wife, mother, daughter, and sister (not necessarily in that order) who loves vanilla bean ice cream with caramel and rainbow sprinkles, Steve Urkel, and shopping (who doesn't?). I love sleeping, although I don't get enough with a 17-month old running around, eating, and working out.

If you'd like more Perideau Designs information and fun, please check out the Perideau Designs Blog for more amazing eye candy and paper treats!


{featured} The Deco Detective

Hi Dudes and Dudettes,

I am here to check in on all you lovelies. Are you doing well? Oh good!

Wait, actually I came by the blog to toot lemon drop studio's horn a little bit!

lemon drop studio's silhouettes were featured today on The Deco Detective's blog, which you should definitely go check out! What lovely things Trudi said about my little business and the prints that I love so much!

If you have a moment, go over and check out The Deco Detective's blog, it's great! Thanks so much, Trudi, I feel blessed!!

Oh, and I just put some new silhouettes up in lemon drop studio's shop on etsy, so go take a peek.


New Week, New Artist

I have decided that this blog needs to showcase some of the wonderful Etsy shops that I come across and in contact with. I will feature a different Etsy shop each Monday, with a post called 'New Week, New Artist', showing you guys a few fun goodies from their shop and a little ditty about the shop owner. What a perfect way to start a Monday, right?!

This Monday we're starting off with one of my favorites... SparklePaw. I have purchased the cutest cards from Leslie of SparklePaw and not only did I love the cards, but Leslie was really fun to work with. Her shop is full of fun greeting cards and recipe cards designed by herself and fun pocket mirrors to give as gifts or to throw in your purse, gym bag, car and more. All her designs are adorable and FUN! And if you want one of her card designs printed as a print to hang, contact her... they are wonderful, and I have a few I want done as prints to add to my studio. This is a personal fave right here.

So, without further introduction, here's Leslie from SparklePaw:
I am a mostly self-taught graphic designer living in San Diego, CA and SparklePaw is a new adventure for me. The illustrated greeting cards, pocket mirrors and recipe cards are inspired by my love of bright colors, sweet animals and cute things, as well as my time spent in Japan as a girl - where everything is adorable! SparklePaw is a happy land filled with whimsical, light-hearted and oh-so-sweet animals and creatures. Couldn't we all use a little bit of that right now?


lemon drop loves custom orders

The other day I was lucky enough to receive an email from Misty, 1/2 of Simply Squared Designs, a wonderful husband and wife business making the COOLEST frames ever! Misty requested 500 scalloped paper circles to use as price tags for her frames, and of course I jumped at the chance to be involved with this amazing business, even if I just make the little 'ol tags, I wanted to be a part, because darn it, the frames are amazing, and they are just so nice!

So, 500 punches later, these are Misty and Donnie's new tags for their frames! Thank you so much for the order, Misty and Donnie! I look forward to working with you guys more, and I look forward to hanging a few of your frames in my home!

I am always, always happy to do custom orders, so please contact me if are dreaming up something fun! (and yes, to me, punching out 500 scallops was fun. is that weird?!)


{paper candy}

Well, kind of like paper candy, but not. lemon drop studio has been stocking the shop full of scalloped paper circles and the verdict is: they sell quick and people love them!

This pleases me to no end. I love all the fun scalloped paper circles and am so happy that I am not the only one! I have had customers purchasing the scallops for card making, soap packaging, scrapbooking and other fun paper crafts.

My favorite part about selling the scallops is putting them together in groups, coordinating and sorting them. And I love that I have another way to use my scraps left over from making cards - another fun way to use all the paper and create less waste!

Like what you see? Go check out the scallops in the shop. They are in the 'supplies' section if you want to look at all of them.

The scallops come in two different sizes. They come in a 2 inch and a 1-1/2 inch circle. Most come in packages of 50 or 100, but custom quantities and sets can be made!

Thanks for stickin' around, friends. I am so grateful to all my blog readers - you are all a delight!



children's cards

lemon drop studio bought some new supplies the other day - and I am totally loving the paper!

Here are a few cards that were just put up in the shop - cards for kids! Take a peek... they're so cute. Zany + wild!!

Happy Thursday, Friends!



Dude cards are selling like hot-cakes. Or like something. Something really cool and amazing.

I am working on replenishing lemon drop studio's etsy shop with more dude cards, so hang tight. I just put up a new one, and will be making more throughout the day and adding them here and in the shop.

Thanks for all the dude love. Erm, thanks for loving the dude cards. There, much better.



{dude cards}

Dude. Dude cards have been a hit! I can't keep them in the etsy shop for long, and people gobbled them up at the last event I was at, Chocolate Fantasy.

This dude card that I made today is an all-time favorite. I love the green and orange, the polka dots, and the simplicity, with a dash of ribbon. So fun. Dude, so fun.

It's in the etsy shop now, you can click right HERE to snatch this card up before she's gone.

PS: How was the dude card born, you ask?! It was born the day my husband Trask suggested that I send Winn a card that said 'dude' on the front, because she really loves the word dude. I did this. And she liked it. I wanted to impress her, because I want her to like me. I hope it worked. We've been talking ever since.

A BIG SHOUT OUT: Thanks so much, Randi, for scooping up the dude card! I'll have it in the mail for you today! Thanks, thanks! You guys, Randi is a lemon drop studio blog follower with an adorable blog herself... go check it out here.


{NEW} Super-Rad Friend's Club

Something new, something new...

Barbara Walters just loves lemon drop studio cards. Or she would if she received one. But she hasn't, yet. Make your friends feel like stars and send them a lemon drop studio card. It'll feel so good.

$45 gets you 'super rad friend's club' status. What does that mean, you ask? It means you become part of a club. A club that sends you 2 lemon drop studio cards to your home each month, for 6 months.

Cards will be sent the first week of each month. The first 2 cards will be sent upon payment, and then the following month you will receive your second set, and so on.

Random cards will be sent, but all will be lemon drop studio originals, nicely made with love and care and plenty of fun. Cards you may receive could be birthday cards, thank you cards, dude cards, celebrate cards, love cards and more.

You can go here, to my lovely little etsy shop, to check out the friends clubs. There are other club options as well, just look in the shop.

*PS: Barbara Walters doesn't know about lemon drop studio cards, but I think if she did, she'd like them.

*PPS: $45 is all you'll pay. That includes shipping each month - so no worries.