Cute Monsters by lemon drop studio

As promised, Trask and I have started designing shirts and onesies for kidlets.

Meet Parker Monster - named for my friend Marie's baby boy, Parker, who will soon be making his first appearance to the world shortly, and we can't wait! I gave Marie the first ever lemon drop studio Cute Monster onesie this weekend, and have now decided that this particular monster design will be the Parker Monster.

What do you think? Pretty cute, huh? He also comes in an orange shade, and I'll take pictures of that, soon. They will be in the etsy shop once I can get some good pictures of the shirt.

DON'T FORGET - there's still time to enter my GIVEAWAY, just click here to find out more, and hey, pass it on!!

Happy Weekend!


  1. That is really cute. I love the idea.

  2. parker monster is adorable.

    goooo real parker! come out gently so your mommy doesn't scream.

  3. Adorable! I'm totally into the monsters right now--I just ordered some stuffed animal monsters a week ago from an Etsy shop...can't remember the name at the moment... I thought they'd be awesome stocking stuffers! Parker Monster is just too adorable!

  4. Love it! We have a nephew newbie headed for the family in March...oh and the stuff I plan to dress the kid in! I look forward to seeing it in you shop to grab!

  5. Never mind those monsters I bought that I told you about--they were horrible. They were falling apart when I got them and looked like they were used. Wierd. So I'm going to make my own. If you were here, I'd make you sit by me and show me how to craft nicely. Instead, my monsters will probably look like these disappointing ones I wasted money on! argh! I need to be talented like you and MAKE everything beautifully!!!

    Love you and your adorableness!

  6. Hellooooooo
    I hope holiday crafting is going well x

  7. I want a grownup Parker Monster Onesie! They are so cute!


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