Vino100's Wining Women

Good Morning, Sweet Internet...

I am back from last night's Wining Women event, put on by Vino100, conveniently just a few blocks away, and I had a blast. Everyone that I met last night was so nice, and it was wonderful to get out and mingle, sip some wine and have lemon drop's goodies out on display.

A huge thank you to Megan and Paige, owners of Vino100, for inviting me - I loved it - THANK YOU!! And also a huge THANK YOU to Summer, my sweet sister-in-law who came out and kept me company for a good portion of the night. Awesome! Thanks!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the table set up and everything. I had my crayons, button gift tags, silhouettes, magnets, cards and hair accessories there, so a bit of everything, really.

I will be posting 'left overs' on etsy very soon - so go check it out!!



  1. Very snazzy set up! I adore the jar of lemons and such---the perfect touch to showcase your charming work...

  2. Hi Shauna,
    Looks great!!! I hope it went well, I know you put so much work into it.
    Enjoy your girls weekend!
    Love you!

  3. Great job Shauna! Everything looks perfect in the pictures--and so do you! I love the glass jar with the lemons--what a cool idea. Very impressed!

  4. it looked awesome, shauna! the jar of lemons was perfect. not only do they represent your name, they also provide a quick way of averting an attacker.

    one squirt is all it takes.

    though, i've found that an entire squeeze renders the attacker immobile.

  5. It all looks so amazing Shauna!!! I miss you tons!

  6. That looks like a really awesome set-up! I'm sure it was a huge success. Congrats! :)


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