new fabrics

Yummy Yum, I am loving these new fabrics!! Aren't they so much fun!?

Here are some new ponytail holders and hair clips that I put in the shop this morning.

And stay tuned, because button bobby pins are coming soon and I am so very excited!!

Sorry for the short post, I am not feeling well and my brain cells must be conserved, as the day is young and my kiddo is hyper!



  1. idk. my earlier comment made sense to me at the time. but now it doesn't. which means it's probably foreign to you.

    translation: i like the scottie dog fabric.

  2. I love them all! If I could get clips of any sort to stay in my barely-there hair, I'd be all over these! I'm sorry you're not feeling well--this time of the year really sucks for you, huh??? Unless, of course...there is a DIFFERENT reason for you not feeling well...one that you haven't mentioned or something...

    Otherwise, I hope you're feeling better, hugs kisses loves and ridiculously tight snuggles sent in your direction, especially the ones that make you feel uncomfortable because you're not sure when to let go...


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