birthday week

In celebration of my birthday coming up this Friday, I am offering all my blog readers FREE SHIPPING on their purchases from my etsy shop.
Mention 'Shauna's RAD' in the message to seller box and I will refund you back the shipping cost through paypal. Or let me know what you want first and I'll reserve it for you, and make shipping free. Sounds nice, doesn't it? It is. Try it.

Visit lemon drop studio's shop right here and have FUN and tell your friends!


  1. woo hoo for birthdays! no so much woo hoo for birthday suits!

  2. I love your Etsy shop. You are very talented.

  3. Happy Birthday tomorrow!! I am writing this today because I will forget tomorrow! Hope you have a fantastic day!

  4. I noticed you like competitions.
    Would you fancy winning one of my unusually popular bronze mice?
    I'm an artist, the contest details are on my blog.
    Good luck!


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