a tutu for you

So I am now hooked on making tutus. This is my very first tutu I have ever made, but it will not be the last, it's too much fun to just stop at one!

Wait, you say, 'Shauna, you have a boy, he's not wearing a tutu, is he?!' The answer my friends is, he wouldn't in a million years let me get close enough to him with this tutu in my hand, so no worries there. Although he loves that he has 2 dots of fingernail polish on his nails.

I made this tutu as part of my sweet niece's Christmas present (getting things done early).

So, now lemon drop studio is now going to be making tutus, so if you are interested, please shoot me an email or leave me a comment. I will post them in the etsy shop soon - just have to find a way to photograph it a bit better, so excuse the pictures, please.

What little girl wouldn't LOVE to play in one, or three?

{lemon drop studio's tutus are made using tulle, keeping the tutu nice and airy and fluffy and full. the waistband is made from elastic, leaving your little fairy plenty of room to grow in the tummy.}
Here is Taylor's cousin, Eva, wearing a tutu made by lemon drop studio. Isn't she just precious?! She wears a tutu nicely, wouldn't you say?!


  1. i have all the ingredients to make a tutu. just no time to bake it.

    only because my brain constantly preheated at 350 degrees.

  2. Sho-

    The tutu is too darn adorable. Kenners is going to LOVE it- thanks to her Auntie in advance. You are too great!


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