thanks for the shout-out!

So one of the neatest people that I have met through Etsy and blogging is Wendi Winn - who also happened to win the last card giveaway in September... well, she sent me a thank you card using the cards that she won, that I made. That was a first for me. No one has ever sent me one of my own cards! So I decided to make a special card just for her. One I knew she'd love. A 'dude' card. And then you know what?! She gave me a huge shout-out on her blog, because she's just that cool. Go pop on over and check it out, and soak in the rest of her blog - she's lovely and hilarious. Go see her here.

I will be putting 'dude' card sets up in the Etsy shop in the next few days.


  1. I saw that card on W's blog and it was really cool! It has this special power of making you say "Dude" out loud! :)

  2. That Wendi is one smart chica! I liked her page, but I especially loved the "portrait" of her family that she put up! The little wooden dolls? Oh criminy that was funny!

  3. p.s. I LOVE the Dude cards, they're rad! You are my hero, and I still think we should marry some day. Maybe when the husbands die off.

  4. dude.

    i've a tear of joy from reading this.

    you and i. we're going to be best friends forever, yo.


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