I'm on Dooce!

So, many of you know that I am an avid fan of Heather Armstong's website, Dooce. If you didn't know that about me, or have never been to the site, get with it. And shame on you. I am mostly joking, sort of.

Well, anyway, back to the story. I have been reading her blog for over a year and have the tiniest of girl-crushes on her and her site. Well, not a crush, but I really admire Heather and her site, and she makes me laugh so hard I either pee a little or spit a bit, or tons, really, so win-win. Okay, but I digress...

Less than a month ago I decided to send Heather's daughter Leta some of the hair ponies and clips that I make and sell in my etsy shop. Okay, so I got up the courage to make them and send them. I was intimidated and scared and shaking with admiration and nerves. Am I crazy? Yes.

Well a few weeks ago I got this in the mail.

HELLO! That is Chuck, their dog, all glammed up in his Lonni costume/persona with his pink legwarmers and blue hair, awesome.

Wait?! For me?! What?! So I flipped it over, and really tried to fight the urge of smelling the postcard (sorry, I know I am totally strange!), and Heather wrote to me and said she'd feature the ponies and clips on her site. WHAT?! Pinch me. Ouch. Do it again. Okay, thanks.

So, I was all hyped up about just getting the post card. I threw Taylor's watercolor pictures off the front of the fridge, along with a card I bought for my hubs, Trask, and put the postcard up, right in the center, and threatened the men in the house that if they even bent the corner I would attack.

So here I am today, just getting home from reading at story time at Styledbaby Boutique, Cafe + Playhouse, and really was just thinking that it was a good day today so far.

I hopped on the computer to check my email and to read Dooce, and HOLY COW, OH MY GOODNESS, AM I GOING TO POOP MY PANTS?!... my hair clips and ponies were right there in the Daily Style section, the cute lemon just peeking out of the box. I knew that lemon right away!!

So anyway, I have been featured on Dooce and am now feeling pretty good. I am walking with better posture, my cold is gone, I am like 30 pounds lighter and I am no longer scared of spiders and stepping in dog poop. It's a good day. Click here if you want to see it right from Dooce's site.

Please go and check out Heather's blog, it's amazing. And keep going back there daily, because it's always a great read, and is something I look forward to daily, or hourly.

And, thank you so much Heather, for featuring lemon drop's hair ponies and clips, it truly means a lot to me. Probably more than you are comfortable with!!

Thanks for celebrating with me.


  1. ahem. you don't pee for me anymore.


    (dooce is a nice blog... congrats. i'm celebrating with you.)

  2. You crack me up! I love Dooce's site too--my mom got me hooked a couple years ago, as well! I'm just a silent stalker, though... :) I love how her feature of your blog made you 30lbs lighter, unafraid of spiders, and all the other wonderful things that happened! You are too stinkin' funny!

  3. i bought pony's thanks to dooce's post! you have adorable stuff. can't wait to get my goods! congrats and thanks!


  4. Hi Shauna! Just letting you know that I have an award for you over at the Childrens Nest! I just love your cute little blog and thought you deserved an award :o) Hope you are having a great day!!

  5. Congrats!! I wish I made something cool enough to send to Heather!


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