I'm on Dooce!

So, many of you know that I am an avid fan of Heather Armstong's website, Dooce. If you didn't know that about me, or have never been to the site, get with it. And shame on you. I am mostly joking, sort of.

Well, anyway, back to the story. I have been reading her blog for over a year and have the tiniest of girl-crushes on her and her site. Well, not a crush, but I really admire Heather and her site, and she makes me laugh so hard I either pee a little or spit a bit, or tons, really, so win-win. Okay, but I digress...

Less than a month ago I decided to send Heather's daughter Leta some of the hair ponies and clips that I make and sell in my etsy shop. Okay, so I got up the courage to make them and send them. I was intimidated and scared and shaking with admiration and nerves. Am I crazy? Yes.

Well a few weeks ago I got this in the mail.

HELLO! That is Chuck, their dog, all glammed up in his Lonni costume/persona with his pink legwarmers and blue hair, awesome.

Wait?! For me?! What?! So I flipped it over, and really tried to fight the urge of smelling the postcard (sorry, I know I am totally strange!), and Heather wrote to me and said she'd feature the ponies and clips on her site. WHAT?! Pinch me. Ouch. Do it again. Okay, thanks.

So, I was all hyped up about just getting the post card. I threw Taylor's watercolor pictures off the front of the fridge, along with a card I bought for my hubs, Trask, and put the postcard up, right in the center, and threatened the men in the house that if they even bent the corner I would attack.

So here I am today, just getting home from reading at story time at Styledbaby Boutique, Cafe + Playhouse, and really was just thinking that it was a good day today so far.

I hopped on the computer to check my email and to read Dooce, and HOLY COW, OH MY GOODNESS, AM I GOING TO POOP MY PANTS?!... my hair clips and ponies were right there in the Daily Style section, the cute lemon just peeking out of the box. I knew that lemon right away!!

So anyway, I have been featured on Dooce and am now feeling pretty good. I am walking with better posture, my cold is gone, I am like 30 pounds lighter and I am no longer scared of spiders and stepping in dog poop. It's a good day. Click here if you want to see it right from Dooce's site.

Please go and check out Heather's blog, it's amazing. And keep going back there daily, because it's always a great read, and is something I look forward to daily, or hourly.

And, thank you so much Heather, for featuring lemon drop's hair ponies and clips, it truly means a lot to me. Probably more than you are comfortable with!!

Thanks for celebrating with me.


More New Product

Sometimes when I can't sleep, it's a good thing - because look at what I just came up with - button gift tags for every occasion.

The button makes the tag stand out and gives it some character (pizazz, if you will), and hemp twine is attached, ready to be tied around a package. The back of the tags have plenty of room to write a kind note. I just love these little guys.

Here are just a few samples of what is in the works. I am hoping to get them in the etsy shop, as well. I think I'll be selling them in different package sizes, some with all the same tag and others a mix of tags. What do you think?

These tags will also be making an appearance at Vino100's Wining Women Event on November 6th, where I am lucky enough to be a vendor.


a tutu for you

So I am now hooked on making tutus. This is my very first tutu I have ever made, but it will not be the last, it's too much fun to just stop at one!

Wait, you say, 'Shauna, you have a boy, he's not wearing a tutu, is he?!' The answer my friends is, he wouldn't in a million years let me get close enough to him with this tutu in my hand, so no worries there. Although he loves that he has 2 dots of fingernail polish on his nails.

I made this tutu as part of my sweet niece's Christmas present (getting things done early).

So, now lemon drop studio is now going to be making tutus, so if you are interested, please shoot me an email or leave me a comment. I will post them in the etsy shop soon - just have to find a way to photograph it a bit better, so excuse the pictures, please.

What little girl wouldn't LOVE to play in one, or three?

{lemon drop studio's tutus are made using tulle, keeping the tutu nice and airy and fluffy and full. the waistband is made from elastic, leaving your little fairy plenty of room to grow in the tummy.}
Here is Taylor's cousin, Eva, wearing a tutu made by lemon drop studio. Isn't she just precious?! She wears a tutu nicely, wouldn't you say?!

cards for Janelle

Hi Friends. I just finished up a set of 6 cards for my Aunt Janelle for her birthday. All she told me was she wanted purple, so here's what I came up with. I am sending them out to her tomorrow.

What else do I have on my plate? I need to finish up my Gram's 6 cards for her birthday, do an order of 12 cards for my Aunt Michelle, make birthday cards for upcoming birthdays and make a get well soon card for Taylor's Pampa. I am sure I am leaving something else out.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday!

Summer's Order

Good Morning!!

I just completed a card order for Summer and wanted to give a little sneak peek of her cards. Aren't they fun? I just loved making them all.
Thanks for the order, Sis.

I am always happy to do custom orders - isn't it so much fun seeing personalized Nana cards and such?! So sweet.


NEW LINE: classy dude cards

Well, after a good healthy response to some of my dude cards, I have decided to make more, and put them in the etsy shop. Here is your sneak peek at the cards. They are made with Amy Butler designer paper and embellished with brads and ribbon for fun accents. Each card reads 'dude' on the front. What a statement.

What would you use a dude card for, you ask. To congratulate someone (awesome, dude!), to apologize (dude, I am so sorry), to say hi (duuude!), to send best wishes (I hope you feel better soon, dude!), and much more.

When would YOU use a dude card? I can't wait to hear.

special sale is still happening...

Okay friends, only about 10 more days left to take advantage of the special sale - 20% off everything... click here for the details and then head on over to the etsy shop and see what you like. I am happy to do custom orders, too. Won't it feel so good having a handle on some of that holiday shopping, for you or for others?!


thanks for the shout-out!

So one of the neatest people that I have met through Etsy and blogging is Wendi Winn - who also happened to win the last card giveaway in September... well, she sent me a thank you card using the cards that she won, that I made. That was a first for me. No one has ever sent me one of my own cards! So I decided to make a special card just for her. One I knew she'd love. A 'dude' card. And then you know what?! She gave me a huge shout-out on her blog, because she's just that cool. Go pop on over and check it out, and soak in the rest of her blog - she's lovely and hilarious. Go see her here.

I will be putting 'dude' card sets up in the Etsy shop in the next few days.


I am finishing up an order for Summer and some new cards for Etsy - so please stay tuned. It's just been one of those days, but the past couple of days...

Stay tuned, sweet friends.



Happy Weekend, Friends -

I hope everyone is having a lovely and fun weekend - we have. Things have been busy here at lemon drop, so I've been staying out of trouble by keeping busy on orders. I thought I would share a little of what I have been up to...

I am in a Halloween Card Swap on Swap-Bot, so I had to make 3 Halloween cards to send out to three different people (one card each). Only 2 pictures turned out, and they kind of didn't really turn out that well (this is where you get to use your imagination - it's good for you). I chose to take the pictures in some bad lighting and now can't retake them since they are all packaged up and ready to be sent (along with the cutest Halloween gift tags I made to accompany them), but you get the idea. I love my new Halloween stamps from Peachy Cheap!! Great purchase!

Also, I am doing some trade with a great shop on etsy called Realisation Creations down in Australia and I made her some mini envelopes and flat cards with rounded edges... aren't they so cute?! I love that they are small and fun, and I made the envelopes all by myself. Well, I took apart an old envelope, traced it on heavy paper and now use it as a stencil. There, there's my secret!!

Oh, and while I was taking pictures of my mini-envelopes and flat cards, my kiddo Taylor was getting jealous, so I told him to do his best smile, and this is what I got... He's so silly, and such a ham.

Also, don't forget about the SPECIAL SALE that we're having for our blog readers all October long!! Feel free to pass the word around on the sale, post it to your blogs, tell random strangers, shout it from the rooftops, whatever you'd like. Details are here.


Dominique's Cards

I finished up Dominique's card order yesterday and am getting ready to package it up and mail it out today - but wanted to share some pictures of the cards first. Dominique requested 3 birthday cards, 3 thank you cards and 12 Christmas cards. I did 5 different designs for the Christmas cards - fun, fun! I ordered the stamps from my new favorite place, Peachy Cheap. Love it!

Enjoy your cards, Dom, and THANK YOU!



These Lucky Girl Penny Ponytail Holders in my etsy shop are really making me happy. I love how they look together, and I love all the patterns on the fabric. How cute are they?! The answer is: so very cute, Shauna, so very cute.

That is all.

Don't forget about the SALE going on now!!


Special Sale

I am feeling extra happy since my favorite season is now upon us, the leaves are changing colors and I get to wear sweaters again. I am so happy that I feel like sharing the love...

My blog readers are entitled to 20% of all orders from my etsy shop. All you have to do is let me know what you want, and I'll adjust the price and reserve it for you, and there you have it, 20% savings.

Just make sure you give me the magic sentence: FALL IS FINALLY HERE!!

Go get some of your holiday shopping done early. This will also work for custom orders as well.

Offer good from October 1st through October 31st (Halloween!!).

children's gift tags

I just posted these sweet little beauties in my etsy shop this morning. How cute are they?! I love the sweet little birds, the fun bunnies, the onesies hanging to dry on the clothesline - it's all so fun. I totally envision these tags being used to go with a baby shower favor, or on gifts to new parents, or even to be used as price tags on baby goodies in other shops. I just think they are too precious to pass up.