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Hi Friends!

I just finished a custom card order for my sweet sister Summer and wanted to share them on the blog. I am really diggin' the fun colors and the carefree feel these cards give off. I had a BLAST doing these cards. Thank you for the order, Summer, you're the greatest. The pink sock monkeys are by far my favorite. Finding that paper was like finding a nugget of awesomeness at JoAnns. I am sure that I did cartwheels and backflips all the way to the cash registers, perhaps only in my mind, but I did them.

Enjoy the cards! I have some paper left if anyone is interested...


  1. I just tagged you on my blog:


  2. hehehe, actually not too sure how i came across you..probably in the forums? i've been following your blog for a while now in my google reader. :D

  3. those are great cards!

    your sister is out to get some brownie points for auntie, grandma, and nana and papa.

  4. Ahhhhh I love them! How stinkin' adorable! Shauna, marry me!


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